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The Importance of a Website for Aspiring Models

One of the few things I know I did right with model Bria Myles was create a website for her early on to brand her image. From the beginning, we stayed away from FLASH and anything gimmicky and kept the website basic, clean, and easy to navigate. Interestingly, Bria didn’t like the site at first, but later she came to love it because of its simplicity, which has retained its appeal long after its debut.

Online Resume
A good site tells people you are serious and reachable in a professional manner. It separate you from the hoards of models playing cat-and-mouse games with Facebook pages that are privatized to anyone outside of the people they party with, pseudonymous Tumblr pages, or Twitter pages that may tell people a little too much. A well thought out website tells people just what you want them to know, provides attractive images of you, an easy way for people to contact you, and updates about your latest projects. In many ways, it’s like an online resume. One of Bria’s biggest jobs as an actress in 2K Games' Don King Presents: Prizefighter came through a producer reaching out to her through her website. In addition to Prizefighter, Bria got many other jobs through her website, including lucrative hosting opportunities.

The Financial Payoff
As you gain a following because of appearances in music videos and magazine covers, more and more people will visit your website. What that means is you can start making advertising money from it. In 2007, I added Google Adsense on Bria’s website, and it was one of the best moves we’ve made. At one time, Bria’s site used to have an Alexa traffic ranking of about 300,000, which is pretty high for a site not selling any galleries or memberships. Some days, her website would earn $50 in Adsense revs just sitting there. There were months we made $500+ on her website. The more popular you become, the more ad revenues you will make, without raising a finger. As an urban model, it’s important to maximize your streams of revenue, as you will not be hot forever. The ad revs from a website could pay for a new shoot (which will keep you hot) and other marketing tools.
Those are just a few reasons why creating a professional website to brand yourself is worthwhile.
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