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Quality Images Cost Money...

One of the biggest misconceptions about getting good photos is that it just "happens." Models will often say: "Let's just go out and shoot - I'm sure they'll come out great!" While well meaning, the truth is that photography is just another form of production, and although it may not be a movie set, quality images often requires props, lighting equipment, clothes, hair, and make-up. The photo below gives you some idea of what I'm talking about, and it doesn't even include the expense of the rented Litepanel 1x1 Bicolor lighting source at $125/day, a location permit (the photo was taken in my kitchen), or professional retouching services. But as you can see, the price tag of this shoot is easily $500+.

Certain items can be returned if you're feeling bold, but there's still the value of your time running around. So... models, be prepared to bring something to the table other than your good looks. Are you willing to return the clothes? Do you have a wealthy "sponsor" with a swanky house that can double as a location? Don't just expect the photographer to pay you and make things happen. Conversely, photographers should know that if you don't plan properly for a shoot (booking hair and MUA at a minimum), the images will probably suffer. (Click image to enlarge) Carol-ShootCost

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