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Must See Documentary for Aspiring Video Vixens

This one is a classic. A V H - 1 documentary on video vixens at the apex of the genre, from a few years ago, and the best I've seen. Just about every perspective is represented here, and represented well for the most part. Perhaps my only gripe is that Karrine Stephans is the center piece of this show.

Notwithstanding that, this one should be mandatory viewing for any woman considering doing this. The points made are all still valid considerations today.

This probably won't stay up long, but it's very difficult to find, so I'd suggest using something like Download Helper to save it to disc.

Documentary on Video Vixens by Putney-Swope

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Mastering Your Expressions as a Model

I've discussed this before on the blog, but I always found this clip of actress Mary Elizabeth WInstead instructive in this regard. This is a screen test of Winstead for the character of Ramona Flowers (Scott Pilgrim). In it, the directors asks her to go through an array of expressions for the camera. First, the camera says something cute to her, then thaws the ice, pisses her off, and finally she "over" the camera. Watch as Winstead goes through this full panoply of expressions without even breaking a sweat. Remember, practice makes perfect people, but as a model you should have your arsenal of expressions down.


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