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Dena Cali - Paradigm

Dena Cali is what you would consider a commercial model. She's not a high fashion, Milan runway type and she's not an urban model, although you may recognize her from Diddy's "Last Night" music video. But you've probably seen her in plenty of television commercials, on billboards and in magazines and never even knew it. She makes really good money doing this, almost certainly more than someone like Melyssa Ford. Did you know that a national TV ad for something like Snickers candy bar or Coca Cola can pay upward of $80,000 with residuals (provided it's not a buy out)? Yes, commercial models make the big bucks, even though they don't usually get name recognition. Dena is also an entrepreneur and produces a popular line of wigs. Check out Dena's blog here. This is one model who sets a good example...

Dena Cali Collage


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