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Some Thoughts on The Casting Couch in Urban Modeling

If you're thinking about becoming an urban model, you might as well get ready to deal with a steady stream of unwanted sexual advances from photographers, publishers, music video directors, etc. The increasingly risque content of the business only exacerbates this problem as more provocative photos are viewed as an open invitation by many for inappropriate conduct. This industry is run by men, many of whom got into it to meet women to begin with. There is no way around the sexual charged atmosphere of the business, so if that offends your sensibilities you’d better get out now.

So how should women deal with this constant barrage of unsavory comments and often physical behavior? There is no easy answer to this. A woman will need to walk a fine line between catering to the egos of men and learning how to let say “no” with finesse and charm and using common sense so that they don’t wind up in a compromised situation to begin with. Now you’re probably thinking, “Why are you making it my problem as to how to deal with a lech!? I don’t need to learn how to say “no” politely, you guys need to learn how to control your urges!” You’re absolutely right about that, but that’s not the reality of this business or the entertainment business in general. None of this is gonna change anytime soon so you need to learn how to deal with it.


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