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Video Blogging for Urban Models

Recently I’ve been looking into a phenomenon on YouTube called “hauling.” These are videos about shopping for clothes and occasionally make-up done by young women who often constitute the very demographic the products they review are targeting, so there’s a certain authenticity to the videos. By and large, the more successful outings seem to be done by well educated, affluent, Caucasian women. But there are a few ethnically diverse entrants in the market, such as AndreasChoice, a dead ringer for a younger Rosario Dawson. Bottom line: there is definitely room for a clean cut, well spoken woman to deal with issues particular to the urban modeling and more curvy models.

The amazing thing about these videos is how sophisticated they are and how much money these women are making from advertising with YouTube (using Google Adsense). Also, they get a lot of free stuff through marketing tie-ins in the videos. These are highly
articulate women with a good sense of style and aesthetic. They use tripods to shoot these videos on HD DSLRs, post several videos per month and rack up literally millions of views in short time frames. The biggest mistake you could make is to underestimate this and think it’s easy.

What does it take to become a successful blogger on YouTube covering clothes, make up, hair products, etc? From what I can tell, you need to have the following characteristics:

1. You need to be beautiful or at least cute
2. You need to be articulate and charming… basically, likable and able to clearly and concisely convey your thoughts
3. You need a nice living space with good sunlight
4. You need a good DSLR camera (with HD video ability) and a tripod
5. You need a solid computer to edit your videos with
6. Internet access (obvious)

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Most of these women who now earn thousands of dollars per month on YouTube have been at it since ’09, so this doesn’t happen overnight. But what’s cool about this is the degree of autonomy you have over your work schedule and the fact that you are making money doing what you like to do. Often times these women have a website as well that is quite successful, in addition to Twitter and Tumblr sites. These are all synergistically tied together so each is bringing in money while helping to promote the other sites.

If you think you might want to do this, catering specifically to the concerns of curvier models and urban modeling, you should watch a few of the experts in action first. Good luck!

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