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Catya Washington - KING Summer 2010

I'm glad I interviewed Ms. Cat when I did, because she's about to blow up. These are the type of images and Catya is the type of model that might have saved the urban modeling industry from the current slump that it's in. But there's a war afoot between models and magazine editors, and editors often give in to the models that are willing to do a little something extra to be in a magazine as opposed to who is the hottest. On the other hand, the hottest models can also be a handful to work with. In the end, it's the consumer that really loses out when these two sides can't get it together. Thankfully, they did in this case. Bravo to Ms. Cat and KING magazine! (Scans by me goddamnit, lol - click to enlarge) Oh, there are two pics I didn't scan so pick up a copy!

Catya-Indosplace2 copy
Catya5-Indosplace copy
Catya-Indosplace3c copy
Catya-Indosplace3 copyCatya-Indosplace6 copy

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