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Ferrari Farris

Hotties of the Past - Ferrari Farris

Every so often I will post one of the models I shot in the 90s just as a kind of retrospective on the state of the industry. Ferrari Farris was very hot in '95. She was the lead video vixen in Domino's "Sweet Potato Pie," which was poppin' back in the day, and appeared on the cover of Ebony Man magazine's swimsuit issue. The photo I took of her on the left was taken in 1995. The ad on the right is a Walmart commercial that just aired last month, in 2009, nearly 15 years later. Now ask yourself, how many of today's urban models will be working 15 years from now? 39 I'd say Melyssa Ford is the only one I can think of, given that she hit the market in around 2000.

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