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Mal Malloy Talks Big Butts and "David Boring"

The Video
A month ago Mal and I decided she should do a brief review of Dan Clowes graphic novel, David Boring, because it concerns a big butt fetish. I don't think either of us realized what we were getting ourselves into. While I am pleased with what we eventually got, I'm not a video editor and Mal is not an actress, so it proved a little more challenging than we initially thought.
A note about the wait: this took awhile because Mal just started school again and I've got a job. Anyway, I apologize for the delay and appreciate everyone's patience. I think Mal drops some pretty interesting insights about what it's like to be a cute girl like her with a curvy figure (via her read of David Boring of course). It's not everyday you hear a girl with a big butt talk about why she thinks guys like what she's got.

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Behind The Scenes/Alternate Take
This is a portion of the first take Mal did of the book review. Her anecdotes about being voluptuous are totally different in this one than the main video. There's something a little sharper and not as mellow about her in this one (aside: As taskmaster, I think I might have driven her to drink, literally, lol (you may discern a slightly buzzed Mal in the main video). For those extra observant readers, I have added an unedited version of one of Mal's takes of the David Boring review as of June 8th - completely different material.

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About The Easter Eggs
This time there are several Easter Egg videos. Three to be exact. In them you get to see the cute panties Mal is wearing under her skirt as well as a take where it's questionable as to whether she's wearing any panties at all. Hint 1: most of the EE videos are placed in ads beneath blog entries that correspond to key dates in David Boring. So, for example, the story starts with David Boring telling us: "It is now February the 24th, 1998, 2:40 AM. Since moving to the city I've had sex with six different women." February 24th might be the blog date of one of the EE vids, if I hadn't given it away, lol. There are probably a dozen dates actually noted in the book, but the ones used for the EE concern major dates (e.g., the date of the attacks, and one is a date Mal refers to in her discussion of the book). You will know when you've seen the most explicit video when you see this guy. (Please do not post the EE videos anywhere else and don't give it away in the comments - however, I will drop more hints in the comments later.) Good luck!

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