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Kim Kardashian - FHM Australia 2011

So it turns out one of the cooler things about having this new scanner is that I get to concentrate on the images that I think are really good... Even if it means buying a $15 copy of Australia's FHM. I checked the net, and these pics are not available in good quality anywhere, so this is truly an Indosplace exclusive. This isn't so much about Kim Kardashian, but the fact that I think these swimsuit images are the way it should be done.

However, one thing I have to note about Kim that I really like, is that when she was on her way up she was very open minded in her choices. She was in KING, J'Adore, Complex... many magazines that a lot of up-and-coming models would turn away because they don't believe those publications are high brow enough. It just goes to prove, those opportunities are what you make of them. Kim took them and turned them in $10,000 per Tweet.


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