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Exclusive Interview - Jenna Shea


As most of you know, I've been a Jenna Shea fan from way back, so I couldn't be happier to finally be interviewing her. What I like about Jenna is her girl-next-door appeal paired with her va va voom curves.

Read on to see what makes this Virgo cutie tick...

• What are your plans for modeling in 2010? In other words, what do you hope to have checked off on your to-do list for modeling by the end of this year...

I hope to continue to take over the game as the queen whooty, lol.I hope to do more magazines and get my site up! My growing fan base deserves it!

• For all its outward glamour, urban modeling can be a pretty tough business. There's a lot in fighting between models (just see Twitter for proof) and unprofessionalism from the people who run the business. What lessons have you learned so far about this industry that you can pass along to aspiring models?

Don't sign ANYTHING! Don't listen to people who say they can help you! Do everything on your own! Do your own photo shoots because people can own YOUR image! I can go on and on...You gotta love this industry or you won't survive! You must belong there not want to be there.

• Urban modeling is primarily dominated by black and Latina models. Has being one of the few white models in the game with a truly voluptuous figure worked more to your advantage or disadvantage? Also, have you experienced any reverse racism as a result of this?

Well there are both. It's hard because I am white and I don't have an Ice T to get me ahead. I'm on my own. What is good is I stand out just walking down the street. I'm not expected at all.

• I've seen you talk about being single on Twitter, but I also know that Virgo women are notoriously picky. Why do you think you're single and what qualities does a guy need to possess to have a chance with you?

I am turned on by powerful men. Men who take charge and take care of business. I am picky! I'll take a gentleman with a great personality and a college education over a rapper or NBA player any day. I'm not with the Hollywood scene. I like quiet nights with a movie, not drinking and clubbing - not my style.

• In addition to working with SHOW Magazine, what other magazines are you interested in shooting with? Are there any magazines in particular you'd like to get the cover of? Also, are there any musical artists whose video you'd like star in?

I haven't done music videos. It's not that I won't, but I haven't. I want to shoot Blackmen, XXL, Smooth, ect. I am working closely to DJ Kayslay and will see me in Straight Stuntin' this year.

• Do you feel your photos so far have optimally captured your beauty, or do you believe your best shoots are yet to come?

Everyone says I look better in person. Every time I shoot there better! I get more creative and push the limits a little further.

• When you first hit the scene, there was some controversy about whether your butt was real or fake. As more and more pics of you have come out, however, that noise has died down substantially, but you still occasionally see it on a message board. What's your final word on that subject?

Feel it. That's all I'm saying. If you see me, feel it lol. I have wide hips and thick calves and knees. All natural booty!!!
• Where should your fans look to see more of you in the immediate future?

My Twitter. I twitpic daily! @iamjennashea, also and I'm the top rated web gem! Thank you to everyone who has supported me! xoxo

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