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Is Amber Rose the Top Video Vixen Success Story?

After viewing Amber Rose's undeniably stunning Smirnoff ad this weekend (over and over), it's hard not to be a little impressed. Just based on what I know about minimums for these types of commercials, Ms. Rose had to get at least $10,000 for this 30 second clip, even if it was a buy out. But more importantly, wasn't Amber just a no-name stripper 3-4 years ago!? It's hard to argue the come up here. She's also been in some impressive magazines (Vibe, KING, Urban Ink, Smooth, etc.) and is amassing quite the oeuvre of photo shoots. While she'll never be the archetype (because that title belongs indelibly to Melyssa Ford), it's starting to be hard to deny that in the last 5 years or so, Amber Rose is the video vixen success story to beat.


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