Indochine's Top Shelf

More Good Bully - Christina Santini

The Good Bully project is an example of what can go wrong on outdoor shoots. The day started off completely sunny, but when we drove to the Venice Canals, a cloud cover set in. It looked very much like the photos on this page. It literally went from sunny in our starting point, to looking like rain 5 miles west of that. We started shooting, but I just couldn't get the look I had promised the client because there was no sun in the sky. So I had to make an executive decision and we turned around and went back to where we started from to get some shots with sun. You can't fake sun easily in post. And while there are advantage to the overcast look, if you want sun, there is no substitute really. Fortunately, there were a few areas I had been looking at for a while and people were nice and let us get on with our shoot without interruption. All in all, a good day.

Credits: Styling - Daisy De Jesus | Make Up - Tai Young | Hair - JoshJarie Nelson | Photography - Indosplace


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