Indochine's Top Shelf

Tina Blackwell aka Ms. Ice

So here we have Ms. Ice making her second appearance here on Indosplace. I have to thank photographer Affinity Ratios (who posts here) for sharing these exclusives of Ms. Ice, some of which appear in the latest issue of ASIS Magazine. Affinity is coming along very nicely as a photographer - I see him as a force to be reckoned with and someone models would do well to work with. In addition to the photos here, see this as example of what I mean. As for Ms. Ice, well, I'm just glad I was one of the first people to give her some shine. Winking She's definitely on her way.

Ms Ice Mag subs-397
Ms Ice Mag subs-421Ms Ice Mag subs-437
Ms Ice Mag subs-433Ms Ice Mag subs-407
Ms Ice Mag subs-439

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