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Melyssa Ford 2004 Calendar - Sweet Spot

The 2004 Melyssa Ford Calendar represents an undeniable sweet spot for urban modeling. Shot by Garth Aikens in Melyssa's heyday, this calendar set the bar for eye candy at the time. Interestingly, due to a dispute with her manager at the time, Jeff Robinson, distribution of this calendar was very shoddy and many people who ordered it never saw their copy. (I got mine off eBay early on - at one time, these calendars were going for up to $100 on eBay.)

Another interesting factoid about this calendar is that photos from it never hit the internet in high quality. As proof, just try to find either of these pictures at this quality level anywhere on the net. The reason for that is that, due to the unusual size of the images in the calendar, this is not an easy scan job - the photo has to be scanned in three parts and stitched together. There about 6 photos from the 2004 Melyssa Ford calendar that are truly scan worthy and over the next month, I will post them in hi res just like this one. Enjoy!

(Click the images to be taken to super hi res version)

UPDATE: Additional pic added...



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