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Sabrina Hunter


After three years away from the urban modeling game, aspiring novelist Sabrina Hunter has decided to give it another go. I caught up with her recently and took some brand new photos of her, proving she's as gorgeous as ever. I also asked her a little bit about her past in urban modeling and why she decided to give it another go. An accountant studying to obtain her CPA certification, this college graduate is far from your typical urban model. But we'll let her tell you in her own words... (NOTE: All pics can be enlarged by clicking)

When did you first appear in the urban modeling scene and how did you get started/noticed?

I got my first job in a video for Bubba Sparxx and it was arranged for me by a friend. After that video, I was "noticed" by my former manager at an event. I gave her my contact information, she contacted me, and the rest is history.

What were your most prominent jobs once you got started (e.g., music videos and/or magazine appearances)?

I did videos for Kanye West, Jon B., and Fabolous. I was also a cover/feature in the Rookie Edition of Smooth Girl Magazine 2005, and I was in King Magazine with The Game in March 2005.
What made you decide to step away from urban modeling for a while?

The main reason I stepped away from the urban modeling business was due to financial reasons. I do what makes dollars and SENSE. I had just graduated from college with my Bachelor's degree when I was getting the most work and I was ready to see some cash and stability. Modeling full-time didn't provide what I was looking for in a profession, because the work didn't pay enough on a steady basis so I put my degree to work for me instead. I chose to not model part-time, either because the cost was more than the benefit, so I dropped it altogether.

What made you decide to return, even if only in a limited fashion?

I want to make myself visible to the public. I just finished writing my first novel, entitled Skeletons in the Closet, and my desire is to be published, so I'm using modeling as a marketing technique. The novel is about a young woman in LA who falls in love with a man who is a professional football player who turns out to be bisexual.

Are you concerned that urban modeling will come back to haunt you in your professional pursuits, and if not, why?

I'm not concerned because I do what I feel is right for me. Also, there are some things I just won't do. If I'm not comfortable or if I feel something could harm me professionally, I don't do it. I know the urban modeling profession, as a whole, has a pretty bad reputation. As in any profession, there are people who do the right things and there are people who do the wrong things. I just stay professional and let my work speak for itself, whether it's modeling, writing a novel, or preparing financial statements.
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If you had any advice for new talent looking to get started in urban modeling, what would it be?

First, decide where you want to go with modeling, create a plan and then go for it. Second of all, stay professional and true to yourself and your plan. Set boundaries and don't compromise yourself or your plan. Realize anything and everything you do in your personal and professional life has the ability to get you closer to your goal or haunt you and inhibit you later.

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Look for another blog entry about Sabrina later this week with additional photos. Meanwhile, enjoy some of her oldies below and shout her out on Twitter...


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