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Curvy White Girl: Mal Malloy aka Watchmalshrink

EDIT: Check the comments for an explanation from Mal herself as to why she closed her accounts.

NOTE: There are several other Mal Malloy videos on this site that cannot be (easily) found elsewhere on the net. Just click the tags below this post to see more Mal Malloy blog entries on

So the latest sensation on Youtube is this really voluptuous white girl from Kennewick, WA who goes by the moniker "Watchmalshrink" (her actual name is Mallory Malloy or Mal Malloy). Originally, her Youtube videos were posted under the guise of watching her progress as she lost weight. But at 5'2" and 140 lbs. it was clear that her viewers had little interest in her dieting techniques and a lot more interest in watching Mal prance around in undies that always seemed one size too small.

From my perspective, I think what makes Mal particularly fascinating is her rareness (the PAWG factor) and her lighthearted approach to having a curvy figure. She's bubbly and fun about it, and in her latest video she openly admits to enjoying being watched by guys who like zaftig women. She even dropped the whole ruse of making the videos to track her weight loss. If you like thick women, trust me, you'll be hooked in no time. You can reach Mal on Twitter here.

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Admitting she likes the exhibitionism of it all...


Post Valentine's Day Video....


Mal doing a standard weigh-in...


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