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Melyssa Ford - KING July 2004

One of the regular contributors on my blog read that I no longer had this issue of KING Magazine from July/August 2004 and was kind enough to send it me. I hadn't seen this actual magazine in several years. The pages with Melyssa Ford in it are in pristine condition, so I decided to share back with my blog and scan this page.

Looking at this picture, it reminded why I have this blog to begin with (and yes, sometimes I have to remind myself why I keep this effort going). Unfortunately, you can't see all the details from this scan, but this picture doesn't have the same type of cartoonish retouching you see these days. That's 90% real Melyssa Ford, and that's just crazy. Where did these type of models disappear to? To me, this image represents what urban modeling used to be about, and needs to return to. Fine women with unusually curvaceous bodies and pretty faces. No tatts, no piercings - just unadorned beauty. (Click to enlarge)


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