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Melyssa Ford Black & White

I hate to double up like this on Melyssa Ford, and I'll probably get flack for it (the obsession continues, right? lol), but honestly, I'm having problems finding stuff to post these days. Sad I think I've kinda painted myself into a corner being all principled about what I think urban modeling should be, lol. I mean, there's stuff like Jazzie Belle's new shots for Gorgeous Magazine, all retouched to death with her wearing blue contacts (*sigh*), but I'm just not posting stuff like that any more. I guess this could lead to fewer posts over time, but I'm gonna try to just stick to stuff that I'm really excited about and that I think is good for this small niche market (steps off soap box)... (P.S. This does not mean no more voluptuous women and booty shots - just only the really good ones Winking )

Melyssa Ford Black and White

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