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Film Recommendation - "Stander"


Based on a true story about a police officer (Stander) in South Africa during the breakdown of apartheid who shoots an unarmed young, black protester.

He's devastated by the event and it spins his life in a different direction. As result of what appears to be a nervous breakdown, Stander starts robbing banks and then coming back to the scene of the robbery to investigate the very banks he took down. He gives the money to poor, black South Africans.

Eventually Stander gets busted, does some hard time, and then breaks out of prison only to become one of the greatest bank robbers in South African history, with his group known as the notorious "Stander Gang."

The movie is surprisingly touching toward the end where you see how taking a stand against the wrongs in South African changed Stander's life irrevocably - divorce, alienation from his family and friends, and ultimately an untimely death, ironically (intentionally?), at the hands of a black man.

For some reason I really liked this one. The soundtrack is good too. Thomas Jane turns in a nice performance.


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