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Sade has announced "Solider Of Love"

Well...... It finally happened. Sade has announced the date for her album, Solider Of Love. It has been dated to release February 8th, 2010. You can pre-order the album from Amazon. I haven't seen an iTunes pre-order link yet. (Thanks to ECJ from ASR for this.)


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Ducle - Jamie Hernandez

I don’t think anyone even looks at this section, lol, but I’ll keep posting stuff on the off chance that someone does. Nobody draws curvy women quite like Jamie Hernandez of the Hernandez Bros. One need only look at Maggie or one his other female creations in the Love and Rocket series to know what I mean. These drawings inform a lot of my creative decisions in terms of posing, color choices, ideas, etc. All the stuff you see in this section coalesces to inform the photos I take of models, even if mainly on a subconscious level. What is informing your photographic choices? It’s something to consider.


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Katie Cassidy: CW Hottie of the Month

The new Melrose Place on the CW is chocked full of eye candy, including the undeniably hot Jessica Lucas, but the creme de la creme of the show is Katie Cassidy, who plays Ella Simms - the new Amanda. Katie hardly has the curves Jessica is working with, but in terms of giving good face and stealing scenes you might as well call this the Katie Cassidy show. Whatever happens with Melrose Place (it’s not quite as good as the 90s juggernaut), Katie will come out of this unscathed.

From a photography perspective, not that they are shooting at golden hour with the sun backlighting Cassidy, creating a halo like outline. Also notice the ample use of green in the background to play into Cassidy’s eyes (click to enlarge pics). Noticing details like this is why photographers often go on to be cinematographers.


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