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What's The Best Electronic Viewfinder

These days, the trendy thing seems to be outfitting hi-end DSLR's with the trappings necessary to turn them into full-on video rigs. When done successfully, no one can argue with the results. A Canon 5D Mark II produces results good enough to submit to the Sundance Film Festival - and win. So I found myself looking at Zacuto's electronic viewfinders. But just when I was going to get one, I heard that RedRockMicro makes one of the best EVFs on the market. Be interested to hear other's opinion on this.



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"The Loved Ones" - Australian Booty

Is the indie horror/torture flick "The Loved Ones" worth a viewing just for a glance at actress Robin McLeavy's luscious backside? Probably not, but I'll let you be the judge. The movie did pretty well in the festival circuit, but the recent trend in sadistic movies isn't my thing.


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Too Bad it's Not Real

This great drawing by artist Kevin Herault is not a real comic, regrettably. But I would certainly buy this issue if it were real.


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