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Fright Night Review **Spoilers**

I saw Fright Night tonight in 3-D. It’s a lot of fun and will definitely clean up at the box office.

You can’t help but make comparisons to the first one. Colin Farrell is very good as the cool vampire “Jerry”; not better than Chris Sarandon and not worse. Farrell puts his own take on it. I personally preferred Sarandon (who makes a cameo in this movie), and in an interview Farrell admits he couldn’t fill those shoes and had to just make his own version of the character.

Plot wise the first one felt more substantial. It drew you in a little more and felt less isolated. There were only a few key locations in this movie. Neither movie is truly scary, like “The Exorcist,” but this one has more suspense and is gorier.

One thing I definitely didn’t like in this one is that Jerry’s roomie and lieutenant vampire, Billy Cole, is completely cut out of the movie. That dude was one the reasons the first flick was so good.


The Evil plot is reduced as well, and his death just can’t fuck with the first one where he dies a slow, agonizing death with a stake in him, half wolf/half human. I just prefer the old latex effects to CGI.


Brewster is WAY cooler in this movie than the first one. You actually believe he could stand a chance against Jerry. He was more annoying than anything in the ’85 version. The Amy character, who is an Amanda Seigreid doppelgänger, is also WAY more likeable (and sexy) in this one (and Amanda Bearse, pre lesbo, was no slouch back in 1985).

I’ll wrap it up with this. To me scary movies are about “oh shit!” moments. The more a movie has, the more memorable it is. The first
Fright Night had a lot of those moments. The scene where Jerry breaks into Brewster’s room and strangles him through the window; Amy transformation, where she turns “vampire face” at the end; Jerry’s spectacular death; Evil’s spectacular death. This movie only has a couple “oh shit!” moments (although one of them is REALLY good), but it’s still a very likable flick that I’d recommend to anyone. Overall, the redux does not beat the first one, but it’s damn good movie.

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