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"Monsters" - Can You Name That Budget?

My evidence professor in law school once told us not to trust anything we read in the newspapers, that much of it would not pass the evidentiary standards used by the court system. He was a bit of cynic, but when I read the various reports of the budget to make "Monsters," Gareth Edwards' extremely impressive "indie" sci-fi thriller, it ranged from "under $500,000" to $380,000 to $200,000 to several stories reporting that Monsters was made for a mere $15,000. The truth is that the film cost about $200,000 - Edwards himself is quoted on as saying the film was made for "essentially in the very low six figures." (Walletpop, "Horrors! 'Monsters' director did it himself, didn't go broke" September 16, 2010.)

Trust me, when you see this movie and the behind-the-scenes footage of Edwards and his three person crew filming this, you will want to know how much it cost too. You will immediately be consumed by thoughts of "how can I do this too?" But don't be fooled. Edwards was a CGI tech by trade, having worked on numerous documentaries and features before making his debut. Your average person would've had to hire someone to do all those nifty effects, thereby increasing the budget considerably. Still, the movie is quite an inspiration.


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