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Black Men Magazine - Esther Baxter - Digitial (A Brief Review)

So BlackMen mag has finally made the sensible and inevitable leap to digital. While it's no SHOW Girlz Exclusive yet, it does provide some extremely high quality images from many of your favorite BlackMen issues, such as this SSX issue of Esther Baxter from a couple years back (pre pregnancy).

The downside is that, unlike SHOW, BlackMen is not giving us raw, unedited outtakes from these shoots. So you don't get to see how these models look pre-Photoshop. The upside is that what they are giving you is top-notch quality images of top eye candy models. BlackMen has always had printing issues, so these direct images show just how good some of the photography, styling, etc. was on these shoots. The fact is, BlackMen is probably ahead of SHOW where it concerns creativity on their shoots (SHOW's shoots are boring and repetitive) and that's really revealed in the images membership buys you. You also get some behind-the-scenes videos, but those are fairly low quality Flash files.

Whether membership is worth it to you depends on how die-hard a fan you are of some of these models (there are Melyssa Ford pics). Let's just say that at $4.95 for a trial membership, I didn't feel cheated. HappyYou can check it out here.


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