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Google Trends Shows the Demise of Urban Modeling

Google Trends, Google’s powerful forecasting tool for marketers, clearly illustrates the demise of urban modeling. There is hardly any term associated with the genre that is trending upward these days. With a score of 100 representing the ultimate search popularity of a term, consider this:

• In May 2004 Melyssa Ford scored a 100; in January 2013 she was a mere nine;

• In July 2005 KING magazine scored a 100; in January 2013 it was 14;

• In July 2004 Smooth magazine scored a 100; in February 2013 it was a four; and

• In October 2009 Rosa Acosta scored a 100; in March 2013 she was a 33

Even the term “urban modeling” has consistently trended downward, at 100 in February 2004 is now at 35. These numbers don’t represent sudden spikes and downfalls. Rather, as the charts indicate, these numbers represent a free fall over the last decade. Not that we’re learning anything here we don’t already know. It’s just a confirmation.


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