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Mal Malloy - Easter Is Early

Three hidden Mal Malloy easter eggs. Hints include .... Santini and Hunter... (one is in a recent comment in a non-Mal thread, but about Mal)...


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Livy - Summer Swimsuit Shopping

It would appear that Olivia's quest for world domination continues... (quitte successfully I might add)


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Sabrina Hunter - Womanly Wordsmith

Super thighs novelist Sabrina Hunter.


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Sobella - Alluring Modesty

As promised, here we have native New Yorker Sobella's media test video, and I have to say, she is very appealing. There's a subtle modesty to her gestures - the little shoulder shrug, hand movements - that is quite alluring. Anyway, she did a couple takes so I've posted two here. Be sure to leave comments and let Sobella know what you think... (My suggestion is full screen, 480p on the vertical video Winking )


Alternate Cut:

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"Her Name is Rio" - Model Rio Lund

"I've seen you on the beach and I've seen you on TV."
-Rio, Duran Duran

By: Falene Nurse

Sometimes a song lyric so perfectly captures a person's spirit you could be easily fooled into thinking the musician wrote the track about them specifically. In this case that's impossible, as Duran Duran penned the 80s hit when Rio hadn't even been born. Yet at times it's hard not to imagine Simeon Le Bon wasn't describing a day in the life of Los Angeles model and artist, Rio Lund today.

By day she attends casting calls, covered up in free-spirited bohemian chic, rocking a natural do. By night she releases her inner pin-up, donning red lipstick, a Bettie Page wig and over a dozen body tattoos. Rio's one of the few girls I know that has managed the trifecta effect of modeling, success in the commercial, fashion and urban markets. At a statuesque 5ft10 with a 34-24-39 frame Rio can't help but stand out in a crowd, so it's not surprising she's done over 20 commercials (including Nike, Coke and Target), dozens of music videos, print campaigns and magazine covers - with no sign of slowing dow any time soon. What might surprise you is that if that weren't enough, she's also a professional and sought after tattoo artist/piercer here in Hollywood. I chatted with Rio to see how she juggles these two very different careers.


Q: Are you originally from LA?
RIO: Yes, born and raised mamma (said with a grin)

Q: You are a tattoo artist, model and a pin-up. That's unusual?
RIO: I suppose you could say that I'm a bit of a chameleon.

Q: Do you have a preference to work?
RIO: When it all comes down to it I am a true artist at heart, whatever I happen to be doing. I also really love trying new things.

Q: When did you start modeling?
RIO: I began modeling at aged 16.

Q: Were you interested in art first or modeling?
RIO: My interests in art started in the 2nd grade, so… there you go.

Q: When did you realize, I can make a living as a model?
RIO: My big break came when I started to get the big bucks, booking multiple commercials and print work. That only happened though when I finally clicked with the right agency. I had been with other top agencies prior to that, but wasn't booking so much.

(Rio has an adorable habit of using her hands when describing words "big bucks" and "clicked." For a model she is completely unaware of herself, very expressive and unrestricted. She's happiest if she can pull a face that will get a laugh out of you.)

Q: Did you always have your own unique style?
RIO: Yes my own, weird, eclectic thing going on, even when it wasn't cool. Cee Lo and Outkast's style wasn't around when I was growing up, I'm not saying I went out in capes and feathers (lol.) But even as a teenager I never really cared what anyone thought, or what the trend was.

Q: How do you manage to crossover the different genres?
RIO: For me modeling is just like playing dress up. You can become who ever you want to be. All the different categories I've modeled, were something that I specifically wanted to venture into at a given time. Just to see if I could do it. Being challenged is good.

Q: You are very tall and curvy, do you think that helps you balance between "fashion" and "urban?"
RIO: I used to do fashion a lot when I was younger, until I was FIRED. Yes from this one agency for having, and I quote " a BIG butt and hips." Which quite frankly - I like (laughing hard.) The main types of modeling I do now are commercial/commercial print (with all my tattoos covered up), pin up/tattoo and urban. I don't do too much runway anymore since to me the requirements are ridiculous! You practically have to be either 12 years old, or anorexic! I stick to what keeps me happy, healthy and alive.

Q: You can pass for a lot of different cultures, Latino, Spanish, African, Mediterranean, what's your background?
RIO: My moms from Morocco, my dad is Norwegian, and there's a bit of Spanish on both sides.

Q: Tell me about your tattoo training?
RIO: A dear friend of mine Lou Bone(R.I.P.) got me into tattooing/piercing, he also pushed me to try modeling. As he was already an established tattoo artist he encouraged me into working at his shop. I recently looked in an old journal of mine from when I was 10 and it said, "I'm going to become a tattoo artist one day." Didn't mention the modeling. That's what I wrote, even then (she smiles a little to herself.) My mentor was an amazing human being with a contagious laugh. Typical artist though, so his moods were often up and down, but he could create anything - you know. Unfortunately he passed away tragically, but I have his portrait tattooed on my inner arm. Close to my heart.


Q: What shop do you work at now?
RIO: Young Guns Studio on Hollywood Blvd.

Q: The 2 portraits on your back are beautiful, who are they?
RIO: Both of my grandma's as young women, they were beautiful people.

Q: On the few days that you get to yourself, what do you do to relax?
RIO: Surf, dance, yoga, gardening, playing with my dog. I dabble in a lot of hobbies. I also try to love life as much as possible, every day. Also did I mention I'm fire dancing now?

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Olivia - Sewing a Curve

This is Olivia's first video on the net...ever! Exciting stuff, and it's happening right here at Indosplace. Anyway, I asked Olivia, Sobella, and Shirley to all make a video under a minute talking about any subject they wanted and showing you can be sexy without giving away the farm. Looks like Olivia is first up to bat, and Sobella should be later this week and Shirley slightly after that.

Be sure to leave comments and Olivia know what you think. (Click image to be taken to video, or watch via Daily Motion link below [quality not quite as good]) Butter of 69 is the song...


Olivia - Sewing a Curve by Putney-Swope

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Very Good Documentary on Video Vixens

This one is a classic. A V H - 1 documentary on video vixens at the apex of the genre, from a few years ago, and the best I've seen. Just about every perspective is represented here, and represented well for the most part. Perhaps my only gripe is that Karrine Stephans is the center piece of this show.

Notwithstanding that, this one should be mandatory viewing for any woman considering doing this. The points made are all still valid considerations today.

This probably won't stay up long, but it's very difficult to find, so I'd suggest using something like Download Helper to save it to disc.

Documentary on Video Vixens by Putney-Swope

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