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Nel Hedayat

"Music, Money & Hip Hop Honeys" - Nel Hedayat

The BBC 3 recently aired this documentary, "Music, Money & Hip Hop Honeys" and I managed to catch it the other night on Youtube (get it while you can, because it will likely be taken down soon). I remember when one of the producers for this special reached out to Bria Myles. It's unfortunate she was unavailable, because it's quite good. Initially, I was a little skeptical of Nel Hedeyat, who is not-so-secretly judging her subjects while at the same time parading around, as cute as a button, and in a very subtle and intelligent way, making herself the subject the same type of male fantasizing that she is documenting. But by the end, she gives one the most broadly encompassing persectives I've ever seen on the subject, and even becomes a video vixen herself, even if only briefly. This is far more comprehensive than say, Sarah Hubinger's take on having a big butt, in her book "Jiggles."

One thing this special sheds light on is that, as much as we may say urban modeling is dead, there are success stotries of it here in the US that are driving young women in the UK to still want to do this. For instance, Angel Lola Luv is still seen as big deal to them. Also, there's no denying the success of Amber Rose and Kim Kardashian. In fact, Amber made more money than Melyssa Ford ever did. Maybe this industry isn't completely dead after all...

A couple of scenes of note:

"Rosine" at 12:40 is probably the most voluptuous of the vixens featured...

The segment on Elisha Jade's bad experience with a perv photographer is definitely interesting...
Elisha jade

Finally, perhaps the most charming segment is when Nel gets all flattered and giggly when agent Mike Styles tells her she's "sexy" and could be a video vixen. I don't know if Nel was acting or not, but that sure was an enjoyable scene. (At 49:00)
Nel's meeting with intellectual Toni Blackman is also an eye opener - you don't expect her to say what she does. She tells Nel she could learn a thing or two about expressing her sexuality and being free from video vixens.

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