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Margarita Leviva

Margarita Leviva - Exotic Beauty in "Lincoln Lawyer"

Margarita Leviva first caught my attention in Adventureland (a pretty good movie, by the way), but she also stands out in The Lincoln Lawyer, as Regina Campo, a prostitute beaten within an inch of her life.

Margarita has the type of resume many aspiring actresses would die for. She's not over saturated, but she's been in some very high profile, independent minded projects. In short, her resume indicates she makes intelligent choices. And even though she plays a prostitute in The Lincoln Lawyer, she somehow manages to elevate the material and bring a modicum of dignity to her character. Like
Marielle Jaffe, Margarita tends to look better in moving pictures than in her still photos. (P.S. She has a modest, but noticeable, little bubble on her too)


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