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Bria Myles - Cooking With Gas

Actually that's a cheap electric stove. Mine unfortunately, lol.
Credits: Photography - | Make-Up: Tai Young | Model: Bria Myles


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Credit Where Due - Vanessa Veasley

I try to post women that look good, irrespective of whether I like the particular model or not, which I don't in this case (how can you be the [one-time] editor of a major urban magazine, and a model in it at the same time? Isn't that a conflict of interest?) Nevertheless, these are some nice pics of Vanessa Veasley.

Props to Dynasty Series for these.


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Miss Koi - Dexter D. Cohen Photography

Hit Miss Koi up on Twittter here Social - Twitter_16x16


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Brittney Payton

This is one fine woman. (Click image to see video.)


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Allison Munn - White Girl With Donk

If you've ever seen Amanda Byne's cute sitcom "What I Like About You," you know Allison Munn is packing a serious ass. Unfortunately for us, and unlike Olivia Munn (no relation), Allison has spent most of her career hiding it. Seriously, you'd have a better chance of finding the Holy Grail than you would a back shot of Allison Munn. Nonetheless, she is bewitching. You can reach Allison on Twitter here Social - Twitter_16x16


Gugu Mbatha-Raw - "Undercovers"

Look for this English-born actress to play Boris Kodjoe's wife Samantha Bloom on the new J.J. Abrams pilot, "Undercovers." Just the fact that Abrams is behind this means it stands a better than average chance of getting picked up. As such, I guess we'll be seeing a lot more of Gugu Mbatha-Raw.

Gugu Mbatha-Raw2gugu-mbatha-raw-picture_430x600
Gugu Mbatha-Raw

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Glamour Magazine Embracing Curvier Models

There is a size 12 model on the cover of the new swimsuit edition of Glamour Magazine. I guess after all the attention Glamour got back in September 2009 for that photo of plus sized model Lizzie Miller, they realized there's money in featuring "big girls" that look more like your everyday Jane. At any rate, their exploitation is our gain. As this new issue also features plus sized hottie Kalyea Moss.


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Sabrina Wallpaper

Just a little wallpaper of Sabrina Hunter I made in 1024 x 768. (Credits: Photography - | Everything Else: Sabrina)


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Britten Kelley - Svelte Sexiness

Britten Kelley caught my eye from the Chica Boom video. It's a GIF, so let it load.



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Has The Digital Era Diminished The Power of Booty?

Question Posed: Has the deluge of big butts coming our way via Model Mayhem, Twitter, Facebook, blogs, etc. desensitized us to the women sporting them and lowered their desirability?

Short Answer
: (Emphatic) No!

Discussion: When I was coming up, there was no J Lo or Melyssa Ford or Smooth Magazine. The best we had was The Fly Girls on "In Living Color" and Wrex-n-Effect's "Rumpshaker." This doesn't mean women with phat backsides were any less popular back then than they are today, it's just that they were an undercover pleasure. There was no such thing as butt cleavage in low jeans. Because big booties were kind of black market through much of the 80s and 90s, you had to go through a lot to get one. Of course athletes and entertainers had VIP passes, just as they do today. But for your average guy, getting a girl with a pretty face and big butt was hella difficult.

Cut to present day. Everywhere you look there's a pretty woman with a big booty - magazines, the interweb, television, name it. But the question is, have all the derrières we've been bombarded with somehow lowered the value of this one-time rare and secret pleasure? In my personal experience, not one bit. Big booty hotties are just as difficult to snare today as they were 15 years ago. The only difference is that there's a lot more counterfeits out there than there once were. Hyrdrogel injections, butt pads, Photoshop - all created with the goal of exaggerating a woman's posterior. But the genuine articles still know who they are, and they're still ultra challenging to snag.

Interested to hear other's thoughts on this one.

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Brittany Dailey - Stunning Versatility

I hate to post so much SHOW magazine stuff back to back, but these pics of Brittany Dailey -- whom I booked for her recent Smooth Magazine cover (pat, pat) -- struck me when I saw them a few weeks back. Props to my boy Smack over at CutieCentral for these excellent scans. CutieCentral is one of the few urban model blogs/message boards worth visiting these days, so you can see the rest of the pics over there.

As for Brittany, she has a versatile look and is not to be underestimated. She could be a Carmen Electra in the next few years. (Warning: these files are huge, so click at your own risk, lol)


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Some Summer Walker

A few outtakes from her recent SHOW magazine spread.


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Khrysti Hill SHOW Video

New SHOW video of Khrysti Hill. (Click image below)



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Candid Fitting Pics: Alysha and Bria

On the better photo shoots, before you actually hit the location, the stylist will hold a fitting just to be sure the swimsuits look just right. These are candid photos of Bria Myles and Alysha Young from such a fitting with M&A Style.


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Sunday Night Sabrina

Without question one of my favorite models to work with. Just a natural... (note: I may update this post later with one more pic) Reach Sabrina on Twitter here. (Credits: Photo - | Make-Up - Tai Young-Jackson | Styling - Sabrina Hunter)


Bonus pics:

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