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New Mal Malloy Video Coming Soon..

Check Mal out in anime school girl regalia as she gives a detailed analysis of the protagonist's big butt obsession in Dan Clowes "David Boring." Read up before class kiddies. Clock_16x16


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Why Melyssa Ford (and Most Urban Models) Will Never Successfully Make the Transition to Acting

It's simple. To be a successful actor/actress, first and foremost (even more so than having the chops) you have to be likable. Audiences have to be able to empathize with you. That usually entails being likable in real life, but not always.

Consider this - Julia Roberts, Cameron Diaz, Jim Carrey, Will Smith, Harrison Ford - all of these people are relatable and likable onscreen. I think this is even more important for actresses, just because male jerks are considered "cool" in our society (see Jack Nicholson).

The problem Melyssa Ford and most other urban models have is that they just are not likable people. They are stuck up, self centered, snippy assholes. Men have catered to them their entire lives and now they believe their own hype. This personality disorder usually runs so deep in them, they can't even fake it on screen or in an interview. It seeps out through every pore of their being.

That's it in a nutshell. I would be willing to bet that Melyssa will never be a truly successful actress for this basic reason.


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Melissa aka Missy Mason

This Atlanta hottie is a transplant from Florida. She has a sharp tongue and a rockin' body. You can reach Missy on Twitter here. Her Myspace page has long since disappeared. Pics of her are hard to find, so enjoy!

NOTE: I don't like MJ Flix over the top retouching, but he seems to have the exclusive hook up with certain models, Melissa being one of them (Joanna Pena being another).


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Miss Koi Throwback

EDIT: Here are a couple animated GIFs of Koi from our shoot that might be a little too racy for Mr. Google Adsense.

google ad

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Megan Fusako Gaines - Headshot

Now if this isn't a girl who could be in hair ad*, I don't know who is. And yes, that's all her hair. woohoo


* Glad I shot her for one. yuk

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Atlanta Hottie - Kristina

Kristina caught my eye this month on a few message boards. These pics of her are relatively tame, although I have included one of the racier ones here. Let's just say BlackPlanet had to shut this girl's account down a few times because the content was apparently a little too risqué for them. She kinda reminds me of Adaptation actress Judy Greer facially. I'll let you guys find the more naughty pics of her if you're interested; they are definitely out there and get considerably more naughty than this.


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Indos Top Choice

Just six models I've photographed and featured on this blog that I think have brought something unique to the game. (Click to enlarge)


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Sabrina Hunter: MVP

There are some models you can always count on to come through in a pinch and whenever you are in doubt on what to post. Sabrina is one of those models, so she gets the title of Indosplace MVP. You can catch Sabrina on Twitter here. (Click for larger version)

Credits: Photography: Indosplace - Hair/Make-up: S. Hunter


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Bria Myles - Atlanta Dymes BTS and Photos


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Summer Walker - SHOW Mag #17

These come to us via the world famous Cutie Central, which is one of my favorite blogs/message boards.

You can reach Summer Walker on Twitter here. (Click to enlarge)


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Exclusive Interview - Catya Washington

Catya Washington aka Ms. Cat is my favorite of the new generation of urban models. Her body is crazy sexy, she’s all-natural – an increasing rarity these days – she has no tattoos, and she’s got a very attractive face. I’ve posted her on my blog and several message boards and the response is always extremely positive.
Ms. Cat recently granted me an interview to learn more about what she’s up to and her plans for the future. 


• I know you’re in a film with veteran actress Kellita Smith called “Conspiracy X.” Based on the film’s description, I couldn’t tell if this was a documentary or a work of fiction. Can you tell me a little bit about how you came to play the role of “Sasha,” what it was like working with Kellita, and when and where we can expect to see this movie?

The movie was fiction however it was shot in sort of a documentary style. The experience itself was amazing. I had a great time; I love working with fellow professionals. There's so much to learn from veteran actors and I was on set like a sponge, soaking up all the knowledge they were willing to give. The entire movie had an amazing cast, and I learned a lot.

• How did you get started in the urban modeling world and how were you able to get acting opportunities, especially given that you’re not based in Los Angeles or New York?

Well one day a friend of mine asked me if i wanted to participate in a black men swinsuit competition, and I at the time I had never even heard of Black Men's magazine, and I was like "Nooooooo way, there are gonna be smoking hot girls there" lol... Long story short, I finally agreed and I won, and after that I found out that I loved being in front of the camera.

NEW CAT3713591
• You hear a lot of horror stories about the urban modeling business in terms of guys in the business – from music artists to magazine editors – not being professional. Have you run into any of that? What has your experience been like so far in the business?

Absolutely! I've dealt with it from the artist, the artist's entourage, the staff on set, photographers, music video directors, etc...and the list goes on and on. But in this industry it's to be expected, because you have so many woman who do cross the line, and will do anything just to be on set, making it harder for those of us that actually showed up to WORK. So I always make it a point to let the people that  just how serious I am about my business. So at the beginning and at the end of the day you have to let them know that you are strictly business.

• What’s your opinion on all the fake body parts these days (e.g., hyrdrogel injections, ass implants, etc.) and do you think this is detracting from the credibility of the industry?

Well me personally I would never get any work done-- I pride myself on being all natural. However I respect the hustle. If its gonna make you money I say go for it. Playboy models have been doing it for years. However, when they start taking it to the extreme, and they start looking like cartoon characters or doing things to their faces, then I think it loses a little bit of the credibility, because you can only go but so far in the urban modeling world.

• What projects do you have coming up in the immediate future (i.e., magazines, films, etc.)?

I have been working soooo hard lately. I shot for King magazine and that will be out in April. I also start shooting another feature film in April and am in talks to do a reality show. I have a website coming soon and im shooting the calendar next month, along with hosting an event near you. My hosting schedule is really crazy right now so I'm bound to be in a city near you.

• Models often say they wanna get into motion pictures or the music industry, but you rarely hear about their plans to get from point A to point B. Without giving away all your trade secrets, where do you see yourself in five years and what steps are you taking to make that a reality?

Ha! The secret is to have a PLAN!  Get a great team and execute your plan. I have a passion for the arts, so I take it really serious. I'm at my acting class, on time every week, being in this industry we tend to rely on our bodies and I love the fact that actors take the time to perfect there craft. I had a director say to me once "Yeah you look the part but can you deliver a line" So in the next five years I'll be doing major motion pictures, launching my clothing line, still writing scripts, and maybe running for president! lol

• Are you single or on the market? If single, what insider tips can you give guys who are interested in you?

Im single but married to the business. With my schedule there's no room for a relationship. I wish I did have the time. As for the guys, I'm definitely taking applications.

• Finally, where can your fans go to see more of you?
The website is coming soon, but for now they can find me on, also Or join me on Facebook 'Cat Washington, and and last but not least the one  and only!

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Bria Myles - On The Fence

Part II to this shoot for J'Adore Magazine is scheduled to take place next month. I'll keep the models involved a secret for now, but they are very hot and have been posted on this blog before.
Make-up: Tai Young-Jackson
Hair: JoshJarie Gibbs
Styling: M&A Style
Photography: Indochine (that's me y'all, lol)

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Mal Malloy aka Watchmalshrink Farewell Video and Exclusive Interview

EDIT: Mal's Twitter account is now live here.

NOTE: There are several other Mal Malloy videos on this site that cannot be (easily) found elsewhere on the net. Just click the tags below this post to see more Mal Malloy blog entries on

Mallory Malloy aka Watchmalshrink became somewhat of an overnight sensation on the internet. I say "somewhat" because in truth it didn't happen overnight. Mal actually started doing videos tracking her weight loss in November 2009. But for some reason her popularity reached a crescendo recently, with new video posts garnering as many as 100 comments in a day. 

And just when when she hit her peak, Mal pulled the plug, leaving many fans of her Youtube videos wondering why she left and whether she'd ever come back. Well, the good news is, she is back, if only briefly, doing one last farewell video and interview answering some burning questions.

(Click Image for Video. Videos are WMV Format; you may need to get the latest Quicktime or VLC)


Your videos became very popular very quickly. Were you surprised by it all and did the sudden surge in popularity overwhelm you to the point that it was a factor in your decision to delete your YouTube and Facebook accounts?

I was very surprised. When I originally posted my videos I thought I would get mostly other women posting on my account with various comments of encouragement. Instead, I received sexual comments from mostly men who at the most only said I should "tone up."
The latter surge of popularity did play a factor in my decision to delete my YouTube and Facebook accounts. I felt that the time and thought I was putting into correspondence and reading comments was more than should be acceptable since I am trying to devote my time to studying before Spring quarter starts.

There was some jerk on the web claiming his harsh remarks to you were the reason you pulled your accounts. I never really thought that was true, but can you address that and also tell us your primary reason for closing your accounts?
I feel that those people have their own issues going on. It was not at all a factor in my decision to close my accounts. I originally expected negative comments and the ones I received helped me to "toughen" up a bit. In fact, I think that the next time I'm insulted in real life I won't just be putting on a good face to it... I'll actually feel ok emotionally about it.
    As far as why I closed my accounts...
Well, in part it's because of my decision to pursue a career in the Medical Field. It's not just that having sexualized videos might lower my chances of getting accepted to a good Medical School, but also that my job and life will be devoted to caring for other people. I have to be strong emotionally and learn to be as selfless as I can.
I decided that evening that things like overwhelming positive attention can be very addictive and have a very negative effect on how I view and interact with other people. I would like to stay humble and not let that sort of thing go to my head.
One of the things that I think made you so popular and interesting is the fact that you embraced your curves. In my experience while ethnic women typically embrace their curves (because the men in their communities are very vocal about liking voluptuous women), White women often seem to want to lose their curves. Artist Dan Clowes ("Ghost World") has a great comic book called "David Boring" and the female lead in that comic, the curvy Wanda Kraml, decries that her ass is "the bane of her existence." That seems to sum up the way a lot of White women feel about having an ample backside. But not you. How did you come to embrace your curves and has it opened you up to dating men of other races who like that body type?

Yes it is true that curves are not as well accepted in White culture (well, counting out curves from breasts, of course.)  I figure that it would be near impossible to get rid of my "curviness" anyway. Even if it were possible, that doesn't necessarily equate to manageable. At some point you have to make a choice: either you change the way you look or you accept yourself despite the applicable culture you live in. I think most would agree, whining is unattractive to most males whatever their physical preference.
As far as interracial relationships, I have already been open to dating other races. I have gone on dates with White, Asian, Latino, and Arabic men. However, the only non-White boyfriend I've ever had has been Asian.
If a man is physically attractive to me on some level and has an interesting personality... well, it doesn't matter what race they are as long as they can find me attractive as well! Of course, receiving so many positive video comments from "dark and handsome" men has certainly made me feel that being a relationship with someone raised in a "curve" accepting culture...well, it would probably be much more compatible.

You mentioned that you liked getting the attention that came with your videos. Would you consider yourself a bit of an exhibitionist, and if so, is this a newfound quality that you discovered through YouTube or have you always been this way?

I would now consider myself an exhibitionist! This actually scares me a bit because before the YouTube videos I've acted like an exhibitionist maybe once or twice, but I didn't really consider it to be apart of my character. Of course, this also goes back to one of things I considered before I closed my accounts.   

In the final video you did, where you acknowledged that you enjoyed people appreciating your videos, you wore a black leotard as opposed to the bra and panties combo that you wore in your prior videos. Was there any reason you chose to change this once you decided not to post a video under the guise of tracking your weight loss?

You know... I've been pondering this. I suppose that I equate nudity to sexuality. Or perhaps by being more clothed I'm subconsciously controlling the level of sexuality I'm expressing...
One thing I've found is that guys who are into women built like you are really into it, almost to the point of it being fetishistic. Is that something that you've encountered and does it bother you or are you okay with it? If you're okay with it, why?

I've noticed this as well but not just from those who prefer plump butts and/or large lower body... I've also found it to be true from those with big breast fetishes. It's pretty amusing to watch the two differing sides objectify various parts of my body. They usually are sooooo into their respective fetish that they've got it all ruled out down to specifics. I mean they'll have it down to a sort of sexual science. I've visited the site and I've seen similar sites for difference preferences for breasts, waists, hair etc. It's kinda silly but understandable. I mean, once you've created an object out some part of a human being it's fair game to then pull it apart and analyze it. I guess it's just human nature.

Being curvy, are there any recurring themes you find guys want to explore with you behind closed doors?

Ha! Anal! I even dated one guy that really was more of a breasts lover. However, later in the relationship he expressed to me that of his two fantasy things to do with me one would be anal sex and I quote "because of your big ass and all that..." Hilarious! What is it with big asses being equated to anal sex. I mean my thoughts on whether or not I do it or like it aside...what is up with that! Ok I get the general correlation of big ass...anus...anal sex... but...but... Ha! It's silly Also, doggy style or reverse girl on top are popular ones ... However, the most popular is missionary with or without legs being put by my head or (I'm not sure what you'd call it) lying on my side so there's a front and back view. Hahahaha.... It's silly, I'm still nervous about not being a virgin anymore.

You've mentioned wanting to go into the medical profession in the future. You've also said that you feel your YouTube videos might be incompatible with that career choice. How do you feel about that - the fact that a woman cannot openly display her sexuality, even if tastefully, without it having some negative connotation on her professionalism?

It is sad that sexuality tends to reflect negatively on a woman's professionalism... I think that it might be linked to sexual harassment and the idea that still persists that if she didn't want "it" she shouldn't have dressed or acted a certain way. The idea that just because a woman is expressing her sexuality that she inviting and/or wants even "negative" sexual attention. Yeah, I think it's probably linked subconsciously to that so to keep sexual harassment down you have to keep the workplace and your "sexplace" quite far removed from each other.

Would you ever create another YouTube channel to please all us anxious fans of yours waiting to see more of you?

Well, it would certainly be fun! I'll be considering it as the school year progresses and I get a better gauge on how I'm doing with my newfound confidence.
Do you think voluptuous women have become more accepted in the mainstream and if so, what do you attribute that to? (J Lo, urban modeling, etc.)

Well, I do think it has become more acceptable and I would certainly attribute it to celebrities such as J Lo, Shakira, and Beyonce etc. In fact, I would attribute a lot of it to Latin and Black music becoming popular all over the world and in so many different cultures. Of course, there are other factors... 40's and 50's style clothing coming back in fashion... various size acceptance movements etc., etc. 

NOTE: For all of you who actually finished reading the interview, Mal did two videos for this interview but we scrapped the first one because of low lighting. However, that video is hidden as an Easter Egg on the website. Hint: it is in a fake ad below a blog post that relates to this subject matter. Also, it's a blog post that occurred within the last 2-3 months and concerns an Australian model. Good luck!


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Miss Koi - Executive Sexy

For some reason Koi reminds me of a sexy admin type in these photos. grin

*Bonus Pic*

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Tight Fit

Very interesting concept with model Marquita Childress.


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Melyssa Ford circa Jada Kiss's "Knock Yourself Out" Video

These rare shots of Melyssa Ford taken on the set of Jada Kiss's "Knock Yourself Out" video demonstrate why she will probably be the final word in video vixens for some time to come.


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Happy Monday From Sabrina

Have a good week people!


Added 3/2: