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Melyssa Ford 2004 Calendar - April

Still better than most doing it today. Winking (Scan thanks to my new Canon 9000F.) More to come... Download link to higher res version.


Update 6/3 (September):

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The Science Behind Mainsteam Sexy

I saw this cover of Women's Health in the supermarket today. It's great, fresh photography and actress Heather Morris looks good. What really struck me, though, is that this photo was right out in the open for all to see at the checkout stand. A woman in a bikini and not much else. This is hardly over-the-top in my view, but then again, I doubt we would see Bria Myles in a bikini on the cover of a national magazine like this either. So what is it, exactly, that makes this cover mainstream-acceptable where a similar photo of really curvy urban model would likely be unacceptable for this cover. I've got a couple ideas, but I'm interested to hear others...


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Carol Seleme Daniel - Smooth Girl #51

This is Carol Seleme Daniel's big time debut in Smooth Magazine, and it's an anniversary issue too! First, I gotta give props to Smooth Magazine editor Sandy for selecting Carol on my recommendation. This happened very easily thanks to her. I must say, even tho Yoncee's photos are nice, Carol's are without a doubt my favorite in the magazine. And that isn't based on any bias either. Check the the botton of the 3rd photo - there's a nice little credit for Indosplace Happy

Follow Carol on Twitter here...


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Melanie Yvette - Beautiful, Curvy Model on Today SHOW

This video shows just how rare it is we see anything like this in the mainstream - a beautiful, black woman of darker complexion with REAL curves, showing them off on the Today show. The model is Melanie Yvette and she is an intern with Bobbie Thomas, who is a fashion editor for the TODAY show. I'm gonna post a back-up link to this clip because I'm sure this will be pulled from YouTube real soon, lol. Hit Melanie up on Twitter and let her know Indo sent ya Winking


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Carol Seleme Daniel & Christiane K - Reprisal

I've spent most of my photographic "career" trying to cast curvy models in a more commercial, mainstream light. This might have been one of my more successful attempts. Additional Carol Seleme Daniel photo added 5/22.

Credits - Model: Christiane K & Carol Seleme Daniel | Make-Up: Tai Young-Jackson | Hair: Joshjarie Nelson | Photography:



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Sabrina Hunter - Thicker

UPDATE: Candid shot added 5/13

UPDATE: New shot added 5/15... Thumbnail pic added 5/17 is in full size on the Indosplace FB page...

FINAL UPDATE: New thumnail, which is probably the last of these for a while (maybe). It's the one and only Easter Egg from the set. Much bigger version *somewhere* on the site...
After a long sabbatical, Sabrina Hunter is back - and significantly more voluptuous. woohoo She moved to Texas last year (from Cali) and I guess it's true what they say about everything being bigger (and better) in Texas. When I asked Sabrina about her new curviness she's like, "Gotta compete..." LOL

More pics to come in the next few days...

Update as of 5/14....


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Daphne Joy - Urban Modeling Is Not The Issue

There is a persistent idea that being associated with urban modeling will somehow derail an aspiring model or actresses from any legitimate opportunities. In rebuttal to that position I present to you case study number 58: Daphne Joy. Daphne has been on the cover of SHOW, Smooth, and BlackMen magazines. In short, she is an experienced urban model with plenty of sexy, yet tasteful shots (including back shots). This month, Daphne will make her debut in Pirates of the Caribbean 4: Stranger Tides. And she doesn't have some minor part: she plays one of the mermaids, who are critical to the story (see poster below). I'm sure there are thousands of "serious" actors out there who would've loved to have this part, but Daphne got it. Winking Congrats to her.

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Courtney Locks - Local Talent

Courtney Locks is a UCLA graduate and an aspiring actress. Unlike most of the models I post here, you will not find any other photos of this nature of Courtney on the web. In fact, you'll hardly find any mention of her online. She works at a local restuarant and is, for the moment, relatively unknown. However, I've been wanting to shoot with Courtney for a while, but we haven't been able to sync up our schedules. So my hairstylist, Tara Copeland, decided to take Courtney down to Dockweiler beach and shoot her herself. Courtney is still a little shy in front of the camera but I think that's kind of appealing. This much I can tell you - in real life this girl is a real eye catcher and she has quite the body on her. Don't be fooled by these front-only shots Winking

Anyway, I'd be interested hear people's opinions on Courtney. Also, hit her up on Twitter if you like her - she's only got 20 followers, so I'm sure she'll appreciate it. (Click to enlarge)


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Diana Escotto

Post Update: As of 5/2/11/, thanks to photorgapher Stryke, I now have exclusive hi res versions of these photos which are impossible to find on the net of Mizz D.R. Click images to enlarge.

As far as I can tell, these photos, taken by New York photographer Stryke, are the most professional shot popular urban model Mizz D.R. has ever taken.


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