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Brittany Video: SHOW Magazine

This is the new video of Brittany. Unfortunately, she doesn't do any speaking in it, so you still can't really tell what her personality is like. Click photo to load video and give it some time - fairly big video.


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Brittany - SHOW Art of Sexy

Brittany popped up on more than a few message boards after SHOW's Art of Sexy issue debuted nearly two years ago. She received rave reviews from anyone who laid eyes on her, but like a lot of urban models, Brittany has no identifying information associated with her photos. No last name, no biography, no Twitter page. Nothing. Now that her pics have dropped on Show Girlz Exclusive, we at least know she's from Phoenix Arizona, but that's it.
Anyone with any information on this stunning beauty will be handsomely rewarded. 4


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Brittany from SHOW & Temeca from BM

This blog entry features Temeca Freeman from BlackMen magazine and Brittany from SHOW magazine. I couldn’t find anything on Brittany, which strikes me as odd. Why bother being in one of these magazines if you can’t even be reached for other opportunities that may come from the publicity? NOTE: There are more pics of each in the respective issues, so check them out if you like them. (Click to enlarge)
Temeca FreemanBrittany 1Brittany 2

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