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Jessica Lucas

What's Jessica Lucas Been Up To?

Well, it looks like this ex-Melrose Place 2.0 star is on an NBC show called Friend's With Benefits. But Friends has had a storied past. First, it was going to be a midseason replacement, but it never appeared on the NBC line-up. Then it sat in limbo for a while and only recently, in May, was it actually picked up. It's slated to air in early August 2011. Meanwhile, Jessica Lucas has been pretty quiet in terms of public appearances. No press junkets and magazine articles for her like when Melrose was on the air. I wonder why?


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Jessica Lucas - Giant Magazine Scans

When I posted her Vibe picture I didn't post these because I wasn't satisfied with the scans. I'm still not. This was a tough set of pages to scan because the print quality was low - lots of white splotches in the dark areas. Still, it's hard for Jessica Lucas to look bad. Happy New Year people!


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Jessica Lucas - Giant & Vibe Magazine

Jessica Lucas, who is on the new Melrose Place, is in both Giant and Vibe magazine this month. Both mags have an urban bent, yet neither touch at all upon Jessica's racial background (her dad is black, mom is white). Anyway, I like this girl. I see good things in her future.


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