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Brand New-bians: A Few Seriously Qualified Aspiring Models

I'm scheduled to shoot with one of these models next month - can you guess who?

Olivia - A 23-year-old Ohioan with serious curves and a dance/theater background. She's a former NKU student with a great attitude (42" hips don't hurt either)


Shirley - A 25-year-old college student from Harlem who hopes to be a top Public Relations professional after graduation. She hopes to hit the pages of KING magazine before the year is out...


Sobella - Innocent looks with devilish curves seems to be the theme with this CUNY graduate. This isn't her first time on Indosplace and with any luck we'll shoot this summer...

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New Sabrina Hunter

Getting ready for book number 2! Photos courtesy of photographer Bryan Anderson. Reach Sabrina on Twitter here.


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Rosée Divine - Curvy New Urban Model

Rosée Divine is the latest curvy white model (nicknamed PAWG) to enter the urban market. Originally from France, you cannot deny this girl has an incredible body. With over 11,000 followers on Twiteer, message boards denizens are already comparing her to the likes of Mal Malloy and London Andrews, declaring her the top PAWG in the game... I'm not so sure about that, especially as it concerns besting Mal. But take a look at the footage below and you be the judge. (Don't give this short shrift fellas) Rosee Divine Photo Shoot @ Matrix Cuts Midtown NYC (Official Video) from mrlocario on Vimeo.

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Emily - Me In My Place

Me In My Place is my last hope this type of blogging can be done with any respectability. However, where is the equivelant of MIMP in the urban genre? Anyway, this model Emily is definitely one of my favorites so far on the site. She proves you don't need a gigantic backside to make an impact when the entire package is nice. She's a real cutie and comments indicate she's not just my favorite.

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Sabrina Hunter Throwback

Why didn't I just help her tie that darn necklace, lol... Reach the beautiful and curvy Sabrina on Twitter here.


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Many Are Called, Few Are Chosen - The Dearth of Qualified Aspiring Urban Models

It's always been the case with urban modeling that the ones who are best suited to do it - the ones who would really make a difference - often have to be chased down and begged to even consider it. Meanwhile, the ones who have no business wanting to model are the first in line to give it a try. This was true even back in the "good old days." But now with social media and the lowering of the barriers to entry to urban modeling, it is especially true.

I get about a half dozen requests from women every month asking about being featured on the site. The woman pictured to the left is one of the few that was actually qualified to do this (overqualified really). Unfortunately, she started to have misgivings about the genre before we could ever get around to shooting. She's a college grad with a good job and she questioned what effect this would have on her career. (All hope isn't lost - she's still considering it.)

I won't lie - Indosplace is on the endangered websites list for 2012. And this is one of the reasons: the lack of qualified modeling applicants.

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Happy 2012 - One Mo Bria Myles

Add'l pic added 1/8/12...

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