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Jones Magazine

New Beauty Magazine for Women of Color

I saw Jones Magazine for the first time today and was immediately struck by the cover. It reminded me of the old days of Essence magazine and great beauties like Lana Ogilvie. Simply put: the magazine is classy and pretty. When I opened it up, I was equally impressed by the layout, design, and photography by Juan Carlos Algarin. It seems to be at the same level as Allure magazine, but with articles, editorials, and advertisements specifically targeting women of color. You don’t see too much of that out there, so it’s a nice addition to the somewhat homogenous group of beauty magazines currently on the stands.

You may be asking: what does this matter to us, Indo, we like urban models? Well, so do I, but this is where it all starts. If you don’t have a solid foundation of what commercial black beauty represents to build advertising around, the super sub niches like urban glamour don’t stand a chance.

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