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Nora Arnezeder

Save Pics That Catch Your Eye

If there's one thing I've learned over the years of looking at photos and taking them is that when you see a magazine cover or advertisement that catches your eye, you gotta save it. Buy it, scan it, TIVO it. Whatever it takes, because you may not see it again and later you will want to use that photo as a reference for your own shoot. With the internet, it's gotten a little easier to find old pics from magazines, but it can still be difficult with the obscure mags that aren't cataloged so well, like Nylon.
Today I bought this French issue of Elle because I like the photo of model/actress Nora Arnezeder on the cover and inside. This safari chic look would work well with a certain urban model I know. But 6 six months from now this magazine might be impossible for me to find.


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