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Throwback Indosplace - Carol Seleme

Carol Seleme Throwbacks... It kills me that I really like my own work so much, haha...


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The Fantastic Four - The Indosplace Edition


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New Carol Seleme

I took these pics a few days ago. Carol made the tie dye leotard. We’re kind of going for the American Apparel look. This post will be update with more, so check back.


Newly Added 2/26/14:



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Carol Seleme - Test Shot

A test shot I took of Carol Seleme a few months ago. This little area is suppose to suggest… I’m not sure. Maybe a tropical enclave. Here’s one extra that’s out of focus.


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Carol Seleme and Christi K - Venice Canals Outtakes

Lest we forget what Indosplace was at one time Happy One of my fav shoots.


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Carol Seleme's Artwork for "V/H/S"

Carol Seleme recently did some artwork to accompany an exclusive interview AGT got with “V/H/S” writer Nick Tecosky. What do you guys think? I’m sure she’d be interested to hear your feedback.



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Carol Seleme's Take on Urban Modeling

Carol Seleme Headshot
This is Carol Seleme’s artwork. Note the meticulous attention to detail – the extra head movement during “the pitch” in panel one, the look of drowsy arousal on the photographer’s face in the last panel… I’ve actually seen that baby oil spiel go down on a “professional” magazine shoot before.

Still, there’s more to it than this I think, e.g., why is it “art” when it’s a rail-thin Eurocentric model like Gisele, but taboo erotica when it’s a truly voluptuous model?

CarolSeleme-Urban Modeling

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Carol Seleme Outtakes from "Wreck-It Ralph" Review

Click image below to be taken to video. Reach Carol Seleme on Twitter.

QuickTime Player 7ScreenSnapz026

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Carol Seleme "Wreck-It Ralph" Review - HD

Carol’s latest AGT movie review.

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Smooth Girl Top 100 - The Entire List

I admire Smooth Magazine for its staying power. It’s one of the last vestiges of urban modeling, in any official sense at least (along with SHOW and KING magazines). Making a top 10 list in today’s unorganized, crippled market is no easy task, let alone a top 100 list. But unfortunately I cannot recommend this one. While it got a number things right (Yoncee and Maliah are at the top of the game), it got a lot more wrong. As just a few examples:

Vida Guerra at #18 - No one is checking for Vida anymore in urban modeling (bodybuilding maybe)
Nikki B at # 8 - Someone was just asking the other day what ever happened to her. Googling her name revealed that she has all but disappeared
Lola Monroe aka Angle # 27 - After a failed rap career, this girl has vanished from the urban modeling landscape

I could go on and on. The problem is that there aren’t enough people doing anything to speak of in this industry to even create a top 100 list! Also, Smooth only lists models who have worked with their magazine - that means people like Khrysti Hill (still generates lot of buzz on the net) get left out completely.

Anyway, here it is. Anyone who really knows this industry will see the problems with it immediately. Some of these models haven’t published anything new in years.

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Carol Seleme- Upcoming Review "Wreck-It Ralph"

All Good Things TV | Carol Seleme Daniel


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Additonal Footage - Carol Seleme All Good Things Video

A really quick edit of Carol Seleme from her first AGT video shoot including some footage of her not included in the first video.

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Carol's Review of "The Artist"

After nearly a month, haha. Anyway, check it out in HD (1080) let me know your thoughts Indosplacers. YouTube is great for getting content out there - not so great for collecting intelligent commentary like the type we’ve all grown accustomed to here. Hopefully, Bria Myles and Mal Malloy will be up next.

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Carol Seleme's -

Carol Seleme is the first host for All Good Things - a blog I’m starting with a video game producer covering movies, video games, and comics. It probably ought to be called “cute girls reviewing stuff,” because that’s really what it is. The idea struck us when Mal Malloy did her David Boring and Halloween videos. Those videos were popular but I wanted more creative involvement with them. Of course, I hope to get Mal back in the mix on this project, as well as Olivia, who started us off with a great promo.

On a personal note, I must say it was genuinely a lot of fun working with Carol again. People say this all the time, but in this case it’s actually true. She’s smart and funny in addition to being attractive, which makes her doubly fun.


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Carol Seleme- The Keyframes Don't Lie

I’ve been meaning to post this “Dear Cali” video for a while. It’s not often a model will get a music video where they are the lead and they really get to own the production - where every frame is like a love letter to the model. This is one of them.

You can scrub along this entire music video and just about any frame you land on of Carol Seleme is awesome. Watch that sexy little walk she does in front of the lowrider. Self possessed sexy. Yep, good ole Carol has come into her own. Also, thumbs way up to Adam Roberts Photo for shooting this right.



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A Little BTS - Christi K and Carol Seleme

While I believe I may have posted some interview of Carol once before, I know I haven't of Christi. I think she has a very nice, fresh screen appeal. Both clips give you an idea of what these beauties are like behind the scenes. Click image for video. (Note: videos are in 1080p HD format)

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Carol Seleme - Kevin McCall - "Naked" ft. Big Sean

Carol Seleme is looking great in the new Kevin McCall video "Naked." This is one of those better-than-average music videos for an aspiring model, as it really showcases the models and has some nifty production design. Carol was kind enough to give me a brief interview on how to get into a music video like this. It's a good read for aspiring models. (Below photo by Roberto Blanco.)

1. How did you get the video?

I got the video through Shatter Proof Marketing, which is an agency I work with. I also book lots of work independently but most music videos I book through them.

2. Were you selected outright, call back, etc.

In this instance I didn’t even have to go to a casting call, which was great. They were looking for girls who were at least 5’8 and I got booked through my pics.

3. Is booking a job just thru pics alone something a newbie could expect to happen, or is that reserved for the more experienced models that people have seen in action?

I think as long as they have good pics and get submitted they should be fine.

4. Was the shoot a long day? Several days?

Music videos are always long . . . I was there from 2pm to 1am on Easter Sunday.

5. How is the pay for these sorts of gigs, ballpark - did negotiate at all or was it fixed?

The pay varies a lot for music video these days, you can always negotiate if you are ready to piss a production off, but it might be worth it! I would say the pay for this one was on the average side, like $350.

6. Of course, the big question - did that special effect shot require you to actually be naked for the vid?

I was hoping to let people’s mind wonder on this one . . . but I think we all know there’s no reason to be naked on set when there is this amazing little invention called pasties out there!

7. Any advice to aspiring models about breaking into this business?

Do it if you think the pay is reasonable, not for the exposure, or else you can be deeply disappointed. Its always exciting when the video comes out and you got good camera time, but you can never guarantee that, and a production will always try to convince you to do it for cheaper by throwing out some BS like ‘You’re the lead!’ then you get there and yeah you’re the lead . . . along with 8 other ‘leads’! So don’t even give them your phone number since they think models are brain-dead and will try to take advantage of you, give them your manager’s number.

What matters is that you get compensated for your time, like on any other job. So don’t do it for free or for some pitiful pay, and don’t be throwing yourself in front of the camera, respect yourself.

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Carol Seleme - Sexy Throwback Video

Here we've got one of my favorite model's debut video at Indosplace - Carol Seleme doing some subtle/sexy dance moves on a break from working on her painting. A lot of people never caught this clip, so I've created a link to the very high quality version as well as a Youtube version (I'd suggest the HD version - the Youtube one is meh)...

Reach Carol on Twitter here and check out her new artwork here.

Credits (on 1st pic) - Model: Carol Seleme | Make-Up: Tai Young-Jackson | Hair: Joshjarie | Photography:

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Indosplace Siren Carol Seleme in Lowrider Girls

Carol Seleme, who kinda sorta made her big debut here at Indosplace in January of this year, continues to rack up the tear sheets. This month, she appears in the latest issue of Lowrider Girls magazine. Nice!

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