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A Few Thoughts on The Problem Facing Aspiring Models and Being Posted on Adult Websites

Since Tumblr, Wordpress, and similar sites became popular, one problem models repeatedly encounter is having their photos posted on raunchy blogs, side by side with pornographic material. Both Olivia and Sobella were disturbed to find their images - and worse yet their names - associated with Tumblr pages with extremely graphic, sexual material. The first reaction for the model is that they want their images down, immediately. Fortunately, there is a solution there, but it's not fast and it's not permanent.

I've worked with a content removal company called Pitbull Piracy and achieved good results at having images taken down from undesirable websites (for a fee). The problem is that these images tend to pop up again. Pitbull is prepared for that and will send takedown notices on an ongoing basis if necessary. (Disclaimer: I have no ownership or pecuniary interest in Pitbull Piracy.)

But the real issue is, how does a model dip her toe into urban modeling in a tasteful way, when every sexy photo she puts out will likely land on pornography blogs? Rule number one: don't use your real name when you enter this market. It may seem like a small thing, but chances are good that unless your friends are just as pervy as the websites you don't want to be affiliated with, they will not just happen upon your image, barring it being linked to your real name. The odds of this are even slimmer if you use a "stage name" to mislead nosey co-workers or friends. (Olivia and I recently learned this lesson the hard way.)

Rule number two: don't take any photos you can't defend. Everyone realizes that in the Google age, you can't make a move without the risk of it going public to the world. In other words, most of your friends will believe you if you say you had nothing to do with your summer vacation photos winding up on the "Thighsmantrophy" Tumblr blog. But if you're oiled down in a thong in a provocative pose, they might think you actually submitted the photo to Thighsmantrophy yourself. Guilty is as guilty does.

Rule number three: be realistic and toughen up. You know you're not a porn star and your friends, relatives, and co-workers should know it as well. You may have to give a verbal smackdown to a few people who want to make something out of nothing because your photos ended up on the "Czar for Curves." However, if you want to give urban modeling a try, you have to be prepared for the fact that, no matter how cautious you are, someone may confront you about a situation like this. Beyonce, Juliana Hough and every other mega star is on these porn websites too, but you don't see it preventing them from making music videos or shooting steamy love scenes. It is what it is. As long as you can stand by what you've done as a product, hold your head high and march on.

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Rosée Divine - Curvy New Urban Model

Rosée Divine is the latest curvy white model (nicknamed PAWG) to enter the urban market. Originally from France, you cannot deny this girl has an incredible body. With over 11,000 followers on Twiteer, message boards denizens are already comparing her to the likes of Mal Malloy and London Andrews, declaring her the top PAWG in the game... I'm not so sure about that, especially as it concerns besting Mal. But take a look at the footage below and you be the judge. (Don't give this short shrift fellas) Rosee Divine Photo Shoot @ Matrix Cuts Midtown NYC (Official Video) from mrlocario on Vimeo.

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