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Michelle Van Der Water

Michelle Van Der Water - The Palm Pre Girl

Michelle Van Der Water got a lot of attention for the below Palm Pre commercial. She's a hottie extraordinaire. I saw the comment below on a message board and found it...interesting. Curious to hear other's thoughts on it.

i like girls like this physically, but i never like their attitudes. she goes to lounges and sips on martinis and on weekends attends art exhibitions. she will only date guys same complexion as her or lighter.she is too career-oriented and usually hangs around white people, as the token 'black girl'. all token black girls have that hair style. every single one. it is the hairstyle that ad companies use for black women in their advertisements. you'll never see a black woman in an ad without this hairstyle. it is because she is the girl who hangs with whites, so whites feel more comfortable watching the ad and it still has ethnic diversity. (on another note, the girl will always be the 'light skinned' black girl, never dark 'ghetto/african skin')

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