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Kelly Brook - The Only Reason to See "Piranha 3D"

And I mean the only reason! I'm all for gore and gratuitous nudity, but this orgy of blood and sex exceeded even my boundaries. Kelly Brook is an interesting case study. It appears this UK beauty (born "Kelly Ann Parsons") has been around for a while and is just now getting her big break. Here is a woman who has literally dozens of photos out there, and yet not a single one that really captures the gorgeousness she radiates in "Piranha 3D." That's a shame.

You can reach Kelly online at here official website here.

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Amber Rose

Man, I hate to support this money grubbing vamp, but these recent pics of Amber Rose are nice, lol. Reach Amber on Twitter here Social - Twitter_16x16(Click image to enlarge)


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Bria Myles Artwork - Bryan D. Davis

Along the way to Bria's rise to notoriety, there have been several talented people who have helped put her in the spotlight. One such person is artist Bryan D. Davis, who not only did the wonderful caricature of Bria in the "Bio" section of her website, but also this great drawing based on her Obama promotion photo. Check him out models. He could help you too. (Click to enlarge)


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Shay Maria

I've always thought this girl had an interesting look. She's a blog favorite (not this blog, but on the net in general)


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Mal Malloy - Sexy As All Outdoors

EDIT: This post has been updated as of 8/10/10 at 7:30 pm.
EDIT: Another EE has been added as of 8/11/10 at 3:30 am (it's 3 in total for this post if you include the playful one)
EDIT: Yet another EE has been added as of 8/13/10 at 12:40 am (4 in total now)

Okay, so there's some good news and some better news. The first video posted, with no sound, is still there below. All you gotta do is click it to view. The Easter Egg Videos (for now only one is up) are spread around in various places. No clues-no making it easy. But there's a reason for that. Mal and I just couldn't seem to find the right balance between titillation and tastefulness, resulting in this vid(s) leaning more in the direction the former than she really wanted. So for those who find them, bravo! You'll certainly enjoy them. Again, Mal kindly asks that until she makes up her mind what she's doing with all this, you don't spread them to Daily Motion, Youtube, etc.

Which leads me to sunny point number two: you may only have to endure one or two more of the Indo-Mal obstacle courses because she is seriously considering ditching me and opening her own pay site. So how about that! Happy

Preview of 4th EE, added 8/13 - this is the very first video Mal proposed as an EE, which was eventually rejected lol . Hint: the location is proximate to this very post (click to enlarge pic):


Here's a preview shots of (one of) the EE vids... Further updates later...


Click the image for video.


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New Melyssa Ford Candids

You can never underestimate this woman where visual stimulation is concerned. Just when you think she's gotten irreversibly scrawny in an attempt to fit into the Hollywood ideal of beauty, she comes out looking thick and scrumptious, reminding you of the Melyssa Ford of yore. (Click to enlarge)


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M is for Mya

Mya Harrison is just teeming with circularity. From the shape of her face to her eyes to that ass. This woman is just made up of a bunch of circles, which is always a good thing for a female. It's those box shapes and angularity they wanna avoid. (Click to enlarge - these are super big)


Maliah Smooth Mag Tribute Issue

Ever since her website opened anew and she started dropping DVDs, Maliah has been slowly creeping into the position of number one urban model. (Her recent affiliation with Drake didn't hurt matters.) With this new issue of Smooth, her position may be cemented as top banana for 2010. Maliah has always been one of my favorites and I certainly think she deserves the top spot over someone like Rosa. While the urban mags are hardly selling like they used to, I would go so far as to say this one may become a collector's item in another year or so. My only complaint with Maliah is her pushing the stripper agenda - not the best look for the genre or representation for young girls looking to do this. (Click to enlarge pics)


Edit: Two-pager added...


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Katy Perry in Rolling Stone

This cover, by photographer Mark Seliger, is an instant classic.


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