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Tabria Majors and Stephanie Viada - Fashion Nova Haul

AGT’s latest haul video with Tabria Majors and Stephanie Viada is nothing short of spectacular.

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King Steph Interview

As many of you who have followed Indosplace for a while know, I’ve posted King Steph a few times here, but we never managed to get a video with her. Well, that finally happened and boy was it worth the wait. See for yourself in the video below and follow Steph on Instagram for more updates.

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Rachel Rocconi - Curve Model Story

Just a real joy to work with.

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Orphan Black Video Game Review

On the heels of its fifth and final season, Orphan Black: The Game is being released by Boat Rocker Studios. Here, model Ellana Bryan (and her doppleganger) give it a spin. Pay attention to the last 30 seconds or so.

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Ellana Bryan - New Curve Model Story

Last week we shot with a new model for our channel, Ellana Bryan. I have to say, she was a pleasure to work with and drop dead gorgeous. Not since Mal Malloy have I been this impressed upon initial meeting.

IMG_2874 - Candid Promo Ellana

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Olivia Jensen, Tabria Majors & Ayesha Perry-Iqbal

New video for casual MMO game.

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New Ayesha Perry-Iqbal Curve Model Story

Always fun working with Ayesha...


New Tabria Majors Video for AGT


Ayesha Perry-Iqbal

Met with her at YouTube Space LA. She’s very impressive in person (and on video).

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New AGT Model Erin Grady

One word: beautiful.

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Mobile Strike Video feat. Olivia Jensen

This video took a lot of work, but I’m really pleased with the results. Special thanks to Olivia, Tabria and Dana. Can’t have a hot channel without hot models that audiences are drawn to.

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Dana Patterson - How to Book Your First Pro Shoot

Check out Dana Patterson’s new video for AGT.

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Credit Sesame - Tabria Majors and Erin Hutchinson

Tabria Majors and Erin Hutchinson talk good credit in this new video.

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Tabria Majors and Dana Patterson - Skillz Strike Bowling

Tabria Majors and Dana Patterson play the sexiest game of online bowling ever.

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Erin Hutchinson - AGT Power Player

Last week AGT met with Erin Hutchinson, a voluptuous beauty from the valley. With a demur nature, a girl-next-door smile and curves for days, we’re banking on this new model to soon become a favorite on AGT.

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New AGT Skillz video

Looks like AGT has a new video coming out reviewing Strike Bowling with these two new gorgeous models, Tabria Majors and Dana Patterson.


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AGT 2016 Starter Team - Anna Krylova and Dana Patterson

AGT met with two new beauties, Anna Krylova and Dana Patterson, for new videos this year. Hit them up on Instagram and let them know AGT sent you.


Dana Patterson....

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Chelsea Miller Reviews JooVuu X Car Camera

So Chelsea Miller finally gets her own dedicated video - her review of the JooVuu X mini car cam. This was shot at YouTube Space LA. Chelsea is super easy to work with and we look forward to more collabs with her in 2016.

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Every now and again you stumble upon someone who has been out there for a while, but somehow you missed them. Moloweez, as she goes by on the net, represents such a case. She actually has been around since about the time I started working with Mal Malloy - maybe I was too distracted by Mal. Whatever the case, she’s come to my attention now. She will likely be doing a video for AGT in the near future.


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Olivia Jensen - Skillz Video

Olivia returns to AGT to show off eSports app Skillz. Olivia always gives 110% to her videos once she commits. Getting the commitment can sometimes take some doing, but once she’s onboard, she’s really there. And it pays - 30,000 views in 3 days.

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Tabria Majors, Eliza Love & Chelsea Miller Review Breville Blender

One of my favorite videos of late. This is a great blender. It costs about $400, but it’s really heavy duty.

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Olivia Jensen - DIY Mason Jars

This is probably one of Olivia Jensen’s best videos since her jeans DIY.
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Tabria Majors - How To Become a Plus Size Model

Tabria Majors recently did a new video for AGT giving an overview of how to get into plus sized modeling. Other than a few sound hiccups on smart phones, this is one of our better videos to date.

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Alysha Young & Hennely Jimenez Review Shudder Streaming Service

Shudder is a new subscription horror service backed by AMC. While they only offer 200 or so titles, they pack a potent punch with such cult favs as Ti West’s “House of the Devil" and Korean horror “A Tale of Two Sisters." This isn't horror lite - this the real deal. Check out Alysha Young and Hennely Jimenez discuss it.

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New Olivia Jensen Q & A

In celebration of reaching 6 million views on her infamous DIY video, check out Olivia Jensen’s new Q&A video, which was shot in 4K at YouTube Space LA.

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Lauren Wood - Draft App iOS

I recently had the pleasure of working with Lauren Wood for the iOS app “Draft,” which is a fantasy football game for the iPhone. One thing I like about Lauren is how casual and easy to work with she is. You almost forget that she is on a top rated MTV show weekly that was created by Nick Cannon (Wildin’ Out), and has been for several seasons. I’ve worked with a lot of women doing far less who were way more high maintenance. Lauren is a breath of fresh air.


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Lauren Wood - Star Wars Card Trader

Check out our newest host Lauren Wood’s review of Topps Star Wars Card Trader. I must confess, this is one of our better outings. Watch for Olivia Jensen cameo around 2:20 min mark.


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Olivia Jensen - Geek Fuel Review!

She’s back, and this time reviewing Geek Fuel’s monthly subscription box. Olivia Jensen with a summer tan and a few Michael Crichton novels - what more can you ask for?

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Tabria Adore Me Haul

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Olivia Jensen - May Favorites 2015

For you fans of curves, pay attention to the NerdBlock section...

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Tabria Majors for Safir Comfort

Photo shoot today with Tabria Majors for Safir Comfort sportswear.


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Olivia Jensen Reviews Candy Club Subscription Service

Olivia reviews the Candy Club subscription service. Eye candy reviewing candy. Surely there’s some irony there...

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Alysha Young - Tim Pethel Photography

I must say, I haven’t seen pix of Alysha Young I liked this much since my own photographs of her for J’Adore magazine in 2010. In fact, I probably like these shots by photographer Tim Pethel more than mine. They’re just plain good and a lot of so-called urban models and Instagram types could learn a goodly amount about natural light and photo realistic post from these images.

Alysha 2
Alysha 4Alysha 5Alysha 1
Alysha 3

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New Olivia Jensen Video Coming Soon

Olivia will bring a little Martha Stewart into all our lives, whether it’s the last thing she does. Next video: shabby chic mason jars.


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Tabria Majors at YouTubeSpace LA

This is very rare - a double post on Indosplace back to back. But I couldn’t resist posting these new shots I took of her.


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Tabria Hits the Big Time

In August of last year, right under the wire, Tabria stopped by and we took a few pics to submit to the Wet Seal Plus contest. It was very close - she almost didn’t do it. Well, out of thousands of applicants she won and now the fruits of her winning have appeared online. She is now featured on the Wet Seal website modeling their clothing. This is a big deal. Lots of women come out to Los Angeles every year with stars in their eyes, but very few actually make inroads. This is a significant inroad to modeling in an official capacity (not that crap on Instagram). So congrats to Tabria! Below is a pic from the set we took for the contest as well as some screen caps from the Wet Seal website.

Google ChromeScreenSnapz020
Google ChromeScreenSnapz019

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New Olivia Jensen Q&A Video

Leave questions on the vid for Livvy for her next Q&A...

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Alysha Young at YouTube Space LA

So here’s the story behind these pics. I ran into Alysha Young - completely by happenstance - at YouTube Space LA. We were actually there to meet Amy Jackson, the model in the post below this one, but after several confirming email and texts she completely flaked. Nothing new in this unverified person world of Instagram (e.g., you have no idea if the person behind the account is even real, much less professional).

Anyway, Alysha, who I’ve known for years, saved the day! She was there for a music video and agreed to take some photos so it wasn’t a wasted trip. She’s my good luck charm. I can recall her helping to save the day at another shoot of mine. Check out Alysha on Twitter HERE and on Instagram HERE.


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Amy Jackson - "All American Bad Girl"

A friend of mine referred her to me. She’s quite the looker to be sure. You can check her out on Instagram here: and on Twitter here:
Screen Shot 2015-02-11 at 10.19.07 AM
Screen Shot 2015-02-11 at 10.21.39 AM
Screen Shot 2015-02-11 at 10.22.32 AM
Screen Shot 2015-02-11 at 10.22.12 AM

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Throwback Indosplace - Carol Seleme

Carol Seleme Throwbacks... It kills me that I really like my own work so much, haha...


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New "Makeup on the Go" Tutorial with Jenn Faustino and Lauren Wood Coming Soon

Uploading as we speak to YouTube, but still gotta pass Google clearance. Makeup by Jennifer Faustino, model Lauren Wood.

Update: Video is now live.


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New AGT Host Jennifer Faustino

Every now and again AGT gets lucky and finds a new host with all the ideal qualities - cute, curvy, wholesome and fun. In this case we got lucky because we were already working with her! Jennifer Faustino is the official make-up artist for AGT and she’s made other hosts look great, but in fact she could’ve been doing this herself. One of Jenn’s cooler qualities is that she’s very comfortable with being curvy on camera. Refreshing! Check her out on Instagram here.


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Olivia Jensen and Gracie Burwell - "Iris" - AGT's Halloween Special

Well, this is AGT’s entry in Legendary Picture’s and YouTube Space LA’s horror competition. I wish I could say this was easy, but as low key as it may seem, even with sets provided, this took a lot of work. Help us win this competition so we can do more exclusives like this with Olivia and Gracie. Tell your friends to re-watch it.

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Alysha Young's Birthday!

I’ve known Alysha for several years and I honestly think she looks younger now than when I first shot with her. It’s a testament to her super active, healthy and happy lifestyle. You can’t buy the regenerative effects of that combination. Enjoy these exclusive snaps of Alysha from her recent birthday bash.


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Mal Malloy's Return!

After nearly two years without a single video, we now have the spectacle of Mal Malloy’s return to form. This short and sweet video shows Mal talking about the Comic Con Godzilla exclusive, but also poking fun at the process of making these videos. I found it to be quite entertaining. And, that unique sexiness that is 100% Mal Malloy is back. Listen carefully to the friction sound of those massive thighs as she comes sashaying into the room. To this day, very few can cause such a fuss in simply jeans in a t-shirt on an internet awash in porn.

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Olivia Jensen - Tip Jar Video

Olivia Jensen was kind enough to test out the new Tip Jar function that YouTube has rolled out. Remember, this is not her idea, it’s ours lol. If you donate (can be $1 or $100) you will see her exclusive “thank you” video, which is pretty hot if I must say so myself.

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Gracie Burwell and Jenny Marrero Curvy Styles Video Up

Finally! lol

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Tabria Majors - Super Hottie

Recently I’ve been getting a little flack for my lack of diversity in model selection. While our AGT videos may need a little change-up, I still regularly shoot African American models. A good example would be Tabria Majors, who I shot just a few days ago. I might add that due to these photos, a major modeling agency contacted her. Score! Reach her on Instagram and Facebook.



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New Videos Coming Up on AGT...

New videos coming up on AGT... (in order of anticipated appearance)

1. Gracie and Jenny - Sexy Fashions of Curvy Models
2. Olivia Jensen - YouTube Tip Jar and Halloween Special (sexy Ursula costume)
3. Mal Malloy - Comc-Con Godzilla Unboxing


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Hoopz New ALS Ice Bucket Video Boasts Creativity Over Crassness

While for a good cause, there’s no denying that the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge has become the trendiest of philanthropic moves these days. But Hoopz managed to make hers creative and ingenuitive, with reference to Nancy Sinatra’s 1966 classic, “These Boots Were Made for Walking.” It’s interesting to see how much more potent the simple dance steps are in Sinatra’s video when applied by some thickies. I’m ashamed to admit, I watched it several time.

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New AGT Material Coming Soon...

It’s a summer tradition: new vids from All Good Things TV. In light of that, we just competed a video with new hosts Jenny and Gracie at the YouTube Studios LA and will follow up next month with a new video of Olivia to be shot in Los Angeles. So stay tuned to AGT for some good stuff before the chilly winter months hit us.



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Gracie B. and Jenny M. - Two Possible New AGT Hosts

So today we met the lovely Gracie Burwell and Jenny Marrero at the YouTube Space LA. We’ve been wanting to meet with both of them for a while now, and I must say: it was worth the wait. They are both charming and very attractive. Looks like AGT may have some new hosts...

photo-1-Gracie Bphoto-1-Gracie2

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Carol Seleme - "Art School Confidential"

A very chill, enjoyable video.

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Tisola Logan - Crest Hottie


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Tabria - Yoga in the Park

Since posting these pics I’ve gotten a few questions about Tabria here and on other message boards. Where is she from? How did you find her? Who is she? etc. I “found” Tabria via the net on one of my favorite message boards, which will go unnamed. She was doing a series of yoga poses on her Instagram which were circulating the boards. At that time she was living in Tennessee, so there was no chance of us shooting. But she told me she was moving out to Los Angeles and, unlike a lot of aspiring models who say this and it never actually happens, before I knew it Tabria was at my front doorstep for a photo shoot. Tabria is pretty cool peoples - good education, smart and with a unique sense of humor. But one thing I will say - don’t let those innocent eyes fool ya. Not innocent lol.


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New Olivia Jensen Outtakes

Outtakes from her DIY jeans tutorial Happy

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Meg Turney - Nerdy Pisces

This is her second run on Me In My Place. I checked out Meg Turney’s YouTube page and I really liked what I heard (and saw). When I see someone like this - a curvy nerd who is getting flown to conventions to host and sponsorship deals - I can’t help but think: “Could this have been Mal Malloy?”


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The Fantastic Four - The Indosplace Edition


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New Carol Seleme

I took these pics a few days ago. Carol made the tie dye leotard. We’re kind of going for the American Apparel look. This post will be update with more, so check back.


Newly Added 2/26/14:



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Carol Seleme - Test Shot

A test shot I took of Carol Seleme a few months ago. This little area is suppose to suggest… I’m not sure. Maybe a tropical enclave. Here’s one extra that’s out of focus.


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Sexiest Oral Hygiene - Mal Malloy

I stumbled upon this Mal Malloy clip recently and was reminded of how sexy she is. Sheesh.


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The Talented Mr. REEG

The talented Mr. REEG… 'Sniff n Scratch' series

Sniff n Scratch - 1

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Some Thoughts on Creating a YouTube Channel

So today our channel finally reached 10,000 subscribers, which means we're eligible to start charging for subscriptions according to YouTube rules (only a fool would do that though). One thing that was very frustrating when we started this all was trying to find information about how much YouTube pays and its rules.

Here's a few things I've learned...

1) Pay - YouTube videos pay about $1.25 per thousand views from our experience. On the net you'll see estimates of anywhere from $5 to $1 per thousand views, but we haven't seen anything close to $5. Right now Google is making out like a bandit on Youtube. There are TV shows on networks that do not get 500,000 views (the finale of "90210" drew less than 600k viewers), yet advertisers on those shows pay $100,000 for a 30-second spot. In contrast, a YouTuber with half a million hits on a video makes a paltry $500 from ads.

2) Content is King - I see channels all the time struggling for viewers and it's b/c they haven't figured out what ppl really wanna see. I learned early on that non-ethnic curvy women who act like nerds have a huge draw online. Why? There's a lot of people who are hypocrites when it comes to curvy women - in public they adhere to mainstream standards, but behind closed doors they want a Mal Malloy. Their paradox is my profit. Whatever the subject matter, you gotta give ppl what they want. It is worth it to go through a lot of trouble to find a good subject for your channel, because once you do the views and subscriptions will just roll in.

3) Make Allies with Big Followings - Initially it will be difficult to get anyone to pay attention to your channel, no matter how good your content is. You'll need a launching pad - websites and Twitter users with large followings who will give you props. This doesn't happen overnight. I gained some allies with Indosplace, like the Smoking Section and Byron Crawford. You also have to plan your video postings carefully so that when the video finally goes online, ppl will know it's there.

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Sobella's 27th Birthday

Sobella Q. is looking good as always.

SobieBDay-3 copy

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Mal Malloy Reviews Top 3 Horror Flicks

A very nice review by Mal Malloy of her top three (3) horror films. This reminds video reminds you why there was such a fuss made about this girl in the first place. Sexy and interesting sums it up I think.

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Olivia Jensen Distressed Jean DIY is Finally Up

Welp, it’s finally up, after months of delay. Couple interesting notes on production: it started to snow right as we were capturing good stuff. Thanks to Olivia’s inventiveness, we were able to actually use the weather to get some of the better shots in the video. Also of note is the fact that Olivia initially tried out two other dresses before ultimately deciding on the pattern one in the video. The walkaway clips at 1:04 and 1:27 are already becoming infamous. Special thanks to Good Bully for contributions of clothing and other production notes. Oh, and for those of you who are curious, Olivia is 5’6” and 150 lbs (measurements).

Anyway, hope you guys enjoy this. Look forward to hearing feedback on the vid.

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Carol Seleme and Christi K - Venice Canals Outtakes

Lest we forget what Indosplace was at one time Happy One of my fav shoots.


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Alysha Young's New Dunkin' Donuts Commercial!

Alysha Young continues to move up the ladder of entertainment projects, this time with what appears to be a nationwide Dunkin’ Donuts commercial. Indosplace better nab a shoot with Alysha again before it’s too late.


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Olivia Jensen Video Nearly Complete

This weekend Olivia Jensen shot the opening and a few other shots to her AGT jean shorts tut. It should be posted in a fortnight Winking


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Bria Myles in new Tyler the Creator Video / REEG Art

It’s been a good week for Indosplace mainstay Bria Myles. Not only is she featured in Tyler the Creator’s new video, Tamale, but she has had an exclusive art piece done by REEG.

INDOS-BRIA-REEGGoogle ChromeScreenSnapz039

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New Olivia Jensen Vid in the Works

Good news: Olivia has a new AGT video coming out showing her making (and then wearing) distressed jean shorts. It’s an end-of-summer kinda thing. Stay tuned.

IMG_9781-3-Olivia Jensen - Indosplace

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Curvy Artwork by REEG

As I’ve said before, I’m all for raising the aesthetic for curvy women in the media - everyone wants to see what they like portrayed in the best possible fashion. Enter artist REEG, who has been doing an exclusive series for Me In My Place. The colors and lines on these are great. They make you look twice, which is the same thing the real life models the art is based on make you do.


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September Sobella!

Our lovely Sobella is heading to grad school soon, reinforcing that beauty and brains are not mutually exclusive.

Sobella 36

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Brianna Bette - Curvy Fit

A few years ago I featured Brianna Bette on my site. She has since gone on to start her own fitness clothing line selling workout apparel tailored to voluptuous women. Even though most of her images are self taken, I feel like they are consistently captivating.BriannaComposite.001

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Ana Kasparian - Smart and Sexy

Ana Kasparian
I am always impressed with women who manage to utilize their sexiness in a subtle way, while primarily coming into notoriety for their smarts. Erin Burnett, Aubrey Plaza, Olivia Munn, and most recently Ana Kasparian (Cancers, all of them, by the way) all stand out in this regard.

Ana Kasparian is charismatic, articulate, and intelligent but there is undeniably a sexual appeal going on with her. Host of Young Turks and The Point, she uses this to her benefit, but never allows it to eclipse her smarts, which is a serious tightrope act to walk in the sexually repressed and hypocritical US. Specifically, Ana never takes herself or the idea that men may like her primarily for her looks too seriously and even pokes fun at it. (See this clip where she admits she may make viewers “fap”)

In the end, Ana will have the last laugh. A lot of aspiring actresses could learn from her formula.

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"The Hood" - Kickstarter Campaign

A good friend of mine wrote this graphic novel about a vigilante super hero in the inner city over 15 years ago when he was in college. Much to our surprise, the story is still just as relevant today (maybe even more so) as it was when he wrote. So he decided to commission new artists and revamp the story some and now he’s launched a Kickstarter campaign to finish the books and get them published.

Check it and support if you can (you can pledge as little as a $1).

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Andrea Bordeaux on "Rizzoli and Isles"

You’ll recall the beautiful Andrea Bordeaux once granted Indosplace a pretty cool exclusive interview. Well she’s moved out west and she’s now in Los Angeles taking Hollywood by storm. To wit, tonight she was on “Rizzoli and Isles” with Law and Order’s Angie Harmon. A shoot is still in the works with us; now that she’s in LA there’s no more excuses!

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Alysha Young in Hanni El Khatib - Pay No Mind

These are some pretty sassy moves, to say the least. Look for an AGT video from Alysha soon.


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Winnie Muñoz - NJ Beauty

I feel like I need to put out one of those disclaimers the movie studios do on the DVD commentaries before showing her Instagram:


One of my personal favs, couldn’t fit onto the montage:


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The Double Double Standard With Curvy Women


I was looking at this Facebook post today of newcomer
Sareenah Davis at Natural Model Management, and I noticed some commenters seemed offended that she might not be wearing a bottoms. “She is…beautiful, but the bare hiney is bit much for the public” wrote one Facebooker. “[S]he is a VERY bad girl!” wrote another. This isn’t strong reproach obviously, but it reminded me of the double standard you often see with curvier women when

it comes to sexy themes. Keep in mind, this exact same pose was used for Jennifer Aniston on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine. While it caused some stir at the time, it was mainly because it was one of the few times we’ve seen a completely naked celebrity on a mainstream magazine cover, not because it was provocatively sexual.

In American mainstream, voluptuous women are portrayed as either overly sexual or not sexual at all (as in zero exposure in a sexual manner in mainstream media). It’s a rock and a hard place. Even if tastefully photographed, a curvy woman showing the same amount of skin as a skinny one is considered inappropriate, erotic or obscene. We saw this with the
Lane Bryant commercial controversy with Ashley Graham. Or in a smaller way, with the Sareenah photo which is virtually the same as Jen Aniston’s cover printed for a couple million Americans for Rolling Stone magazine.

The media tells us that “curvy” is undesirable - young women should want to be thin. So which is it? Are curvy women too desirable or not desirable enough? Or maybe - just maybe - the mainstream media is wrong and curvy women are just plain hot.

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Carol Seleme's Artwork for "V/H/S"

Carol Seleme recently did some artwork to accompany an exclusive interview AGT got with “V/H/S” writer Nick Tecosky. What do you guys think? I’m sure she’d be interested to hear your feedback.



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Christina Santini - Westwood Village

Model: Christina Santini | Make-Up: Tai Young | Hair: Joshjarie

Christina Santini

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Tanahiris Sporting AGT T-Shirt

Mercy - the thickness. Twitter: @TBoobop7


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New Curvy Julia Grey Photos

One of the best looking HNS models: Julia Grey. They recently started a new online catalog and these are some of her shots for it. Copyright: Brad Willcox.


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Tabria Reviews Kid Cudi's "Incudi"


Kid Cudi's third studio album takes listeners on a dark, psychedelic journey through the artist's psyche. Cudi is known for pushing the envelope with his music and aims to reinvent himself after each release. He took complete control of this album by essentially writing and producing the entire project, which is a feat unbeknownst to most rap/hip-hop artists. 

While Indicud hasn't won Cudi any new fans amongst critics, it certainly has warranted him respect. The focal point of this album is whether Cudi can create an entire musical project by himself. Hence, you have extended instrumentals and tracks where he may take the backseat in lyrics and focus on production. This is most apparent when he collaborates with rhymeslayer Kendrick Lamar on "Solo Dolo Part II". While Lamar brings consistent lyrical fire ("Eternity, no such thing as time will tell / Infirmary, burn like magnetic combustion / Bad credit with me, and paramedics are hustling"), Cudi produces rather uninspiring lyrics ("Searching all day in the streets for DMT / Don't sip it, though -- it couldn't answer / Drip, drip all day -- bumping' MGMT, homie"). Granted, it is difficult to hang with the likes of a superior wordsmith, such as Lamar, but Cudi could have given us a bit more substance.

One of the albums best moments comes from the lead single, "Just What I Am", which is reminiscent of various Cudi throwbacks of quirky stoner jams. King Chip delivers a solid sixteen, and the hazed party beat helps masks Cudi's deficiencies on the mic. Juxtapose this against "Unfuckwitable," and listeners can understand why the album is such a bumpy experience. A grimy beat with amateur guitar playing collides with the deliberately un-melodic singing. Cudi's got passion, but when he's calling out "Woahhhhhh!", he's terribly tone deaf, and I can't push play fast enough.

"Young Lady" is cut from the same cloth as "Erase Me," but achieves the "rock 'n' rap" feel Cudi is known for. To those who cannot stand the wailing (me), it will infuriate. This distribution is followed fairly evenly throughout the rest of the record: "Red Eye" is a melodic gem, "Solo Dolo Part II" is a love/hate affair, and the hook on "Girls" should have never happened--actually the entire song could have been cut. Too $hort is damn near 50--definitely too old for all that; however, there are solid features from Lamar, A$AP Rocky, the RZA, and King Chip which makes for a strong guest list that oftentimes masks Cudi's deficiencies. 

Though Indicud isn't the best we've received from Kid Cudi, it definitely shows that he's trying to cultivate and hone is sound. We have to reward him for his boldness because there are since great moments on the album. Though this wasn't a personal favorite, I can appreciate the fact that Cudi was trying to create an original, fresh, and unique album without the creative constraints of a label.

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Candice - The Latest "Me In My Place" Beaut

“I would love for my bank account to match the size of my rump. I’d literally be the happiest girl in NYC.” - Candice

Sheesh! With a backside like that, a sizable bank account can’t be too far behind. When Me In My Place hits one out of the park, which really just means him choosing a curvy model, he really hits one out. Candice is a WIN-ner. Be sure to check back in at MIMP, as Candice’s set is not quite over yet, so there’s more goodness to come.


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New Beauty Magazine for Women of Color

I saw Jones Magazine for the first time today and was immediately struck by the cover. It reminded me of the old days of Essence magazine and great beauties like Lana Ogilvie. Simply put: the magazine is classy and pretty. When I opened it up, I was equally impressed by the layout, design, and photography by Juan Carlos Algarin. It seems to be at the same level as Allure magazine, but with articles, editorials, and advertisements specifically targeting women of color. You don’t see too much of that out there, so it’s a nice addition to the somewhat homogenous group of beauty magazines currently on the stands.

You may be asking: what does this matter to us, Indo, we like urban models? Well, so do I, but this is where it all starts. If you don’t have a solid foundation of what commercial black beauty represents to build advertising around, the super sub niches like urban glamour don’t stand a chance.

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Indosplace Flashback - Bria Myles

This one stands out as one of our better efforts… (damn you Google trends!)

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Google Trends Shows the Demise of Urban Modeling

Google Trends, Google’s powerful forecasting tool for marketers, clearly illustrates the demise of urban modeling. There is hardly any term associated with the genre that is trending upward these days. With a score of 100 representing the ultimate search popularity of a term, consider this:

• In May 2004 Melyssa Ford scored a 100; in January 2013 she was a mere nine;

• In July 2005 KING magazine scored a 100; in January 2013 it was 14;

• In July 2004 Smooth magazine scored a 100; in February 2013 it was a four; and

• In October 2009 Rosa Acosta scored a 100; in March 2013 she was a 33

Even the term “urban modeling” has consistently trended downward, at 100 in February 2004 is now at 35. These numbers don’t represent sudden spikes and downfalls. Rather, as the charts indicate, these numbers represent a free fall over the last decade. Not that we’re learning anything here we don’t already know. It’s just a confirmation.


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Hope Yoders Self Portraits - Me In My Place

Google ChromeScreenSnapz004
This model, Hope Yoders, a 21-year-old photography student from Florida, caught my eye on Me In My Place. She reminds me a little of Mal Malloy, and when I read up on her, the similarities were even more apparent. From her self description:

I am short that’s all there is to it. I’m barely 5’2” and come from a family of hourglass shaped women with a tendency to put on weight on our bottoms and tummies. I’ve struggled with my own perceptions of my weight as well as outside pressure from society and within my own family.

Mal is around the same height and also comes from a family of pear-shaped women, on her mom’s side. Anyone remember her story of the seven year olds making fun of her butt from the David Boring review?

Anyway, I really like Hope - support her Kickstarter campaign here.


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Olivia Jensen Hair Tutorial

Olivia is considering her own beauty tips blog and we thought that even though this plays to a slightly different audience than the typical Indosplace crowd, some of you guys might still be a little interested in what's going on here too. Winking

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Carol Seleme's Take on Urban Modeling

Carol Seleme Headshot
This is Carol Seleme’s artwork. Note the meticulous attention to detail – the extra head movement during “the pitch” in panel one, the look of drowsy arousal on the photographer’s face in the last panel… I’ve actually seen that baby oil spiel go down on a “professional” magazine shoot before.

Still, there’s more to it than this I think, e.g., why is it “art” when it’s a rail-thin Eurocentric model like Gisele, but taboo erotica when it’s a truly voluptuous model?

CarolSeleme-Urban Modeling

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New Bria Myles from SHOW


And video (it’s hot)!

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Sobella Q. Repping AGT

Here we have the beautiful Sobella repping AGT for New York City.

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Carol Seleme Outtakes from "Wreck-It Ralph" Review

Click image below to be taken to video. Reach Carol Seleme on Twitter.

QuickTime Player 7ScreenSnapz026

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Former Twiggy Ford Model Now Brickhouse - Lisa Visagie

I think Lisa’s story could be instructive to some aspiring models. Healthy is beautiful, but it’s also important to demand quality in your images. Note how discerning she was after leaving Ford and moving to a different agency that represented curvier models (between 3-4 minute mark). It would be nice to see this level of quality more often in urban/glamour modeling.

Lisa Visage 1
Visage YellowVisage White
Lisa Visage 2
Lisa Visage 3Lisa Visage 4

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How Can a Curvy Girl Try Glamour Modeling (without having regrets)?


It still amazes me that the quantity and quality of curvy, aspiring models was greater 15 years ago than it is today. There are women I photographed when I first started doing this who are lawyers and successful actresses today. You don’t see that too much now. The internet has changed things for the worse. Just about anyone can appoint themselves a model and this has led to a decrease in the overall quality of candidates we see. Aspiring models with college degrees or good jobs don’t want to get lumped in with the cell phone yamps, so they stay away.

Further, any stigma attached to glamour modeling in general is even double for voluptuous women. People see it as more sexual (even though these women are generally not regarded as desirable in the mainstream; that’s the hypocrisy of it all), and therefore less reputable. Don’t believe me? Ask yourself this: where is the analog for the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue for curvy women, or the renowned Victoria Secrets runway show?


Hopefully this will change over time, but for now a curvy woman looking to do this has to proceed with caution. She has to make sure to distinguish herself. She will also want to take images she can defend should they arise in a sensitive context, like say, a corporate job or a future marriage prospect.

The answer to this is both simple and complex: find a good photographer that conveys what you want to portray. This is easier said than done because, while there are seemingly more photographers today than ever, there actually aren’t many good ones. An aspiring model has to have a discerning eye to differentiate a talented photographer from what Kimmi Kennedy refers to as “suitcase pimps.”

I can’t describe to you what makes one photograph higher quality than the next, but I can tell you that high quality photos involve: 1) professional hair and make up, 2) quality locations, 3) a stylist, and 4) time intensive retouching. Hint: Retouching that doesn’t look like retouching takes more time – anyone can apply a skin blur filter.

I recently came across a photographer who has done some of the best work I’ve seen with curvy models -
Bradford Wilcox for Natural Model Management. I would suggest any woman looking to do this check them out. But still, you don’t see the range in terms of sexually racy photos that you do in the thinner girls portfolios. I am more interested in that intersection - the risqué with the Rubenesque (without becoming ribald).

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Alysha's New Blog -

Our very own Alysha Young has a new blog devoted to beauty, style and celebrity: Check it out.


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Adella Pasos Reviews "Flight"

Check out Adella’s new review video for

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Dormtainment "Ass on the Internet"

It’s hard to say what makes something “cool” on the net. When I saw this video getting hyped on a popular urban message board, I was initially skeptical due to the title, but I’m glad I clicked the link. Not since Digital Underground (who?) or Pharcyde have I seen this type of creativity. The women in this satirical vid aren’t pro video vixens booty shaking for the benefit of some future baller husband. These are just college cuties who like what these guys are doing. And it shows. Two thumbs up to Dormtainment - made me miss my college days (not that they were ever this wild)…

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Carol Seleme "Wreck-It Ralph" Review - HD

Carol’s latest AGT movie review.

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Nostalgia Hottie - Alisha Morrison from "Mean Girls"

One great thing about having a blog is that you can point attention to anyone you think is deserving. The other day I was feeling nostalgic and decided to check out “Mean Girls.” It’s a lot of fun to watch Lindsey Lohan at her best, and to see Rachel McAdams edging her way past her to stardom. But it’s even more fun to rediscover the one black girl with any significant lines in the movie, Alisha Morrison. While watching the movie the other day for the first time I realized that in addition to having an incredible face, Alisha is seriously built! I don’t know what has become of Ms. Morrison - whether she still acts or not - but it’s a brittle reminder of how fleeting stardom (or borderline stardom) can be. “Mean Girls” is right up there with “Bring It On” and “Clueless” for one of the best teen flicks of the last 20 years, and yet there’s not much to show for this vibrant beauty who appeared to be a shooting star at the time the movie debuted.

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Smooth Girl Top 100 - The Entire List

I admire Smooth Magazine for its staying power. It’s one of the last vestiges of urban modeling, in any official sense at least (along with SHOW and KING magazines). Making a top 10 list in today’s unorganized, crippled market is no easy task, let alone a top 100 list. But unfortunately I cannot recommend this one. While it got a number things right (Yoncee and Maliah are at the top of the game), it got a lot more wrong. As just a few examples:

Vida Guerra at #18 - No one is checking for Vida anymore in urban modeling (bodybuilding maybe)
Nikki B at # 8 - Someone was just asking the other day what ever happened to her. Googling her name revealed that she has all but disappeared
Lola Monroe aka Angle # 27 - After a failed rap career, this girl has vanished from the urban modeling landscape

I could go on and on. The problem is that there aren’t enough people doing anything to speak of in this industry to even create a top 100 list! Also, Smooth only lists models who have worked with their magazine - that means people like Khrysti Hill (still generates lot of buzz on the net) get left out completely.

Anyway, here it is. Anyone who really knows this industry will see the problems with it immediately. Some of these models haven’t published anything new in years.

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Andrea Beth's Review of the classic - Moulin Rouge!


This is the first of the user submitted, homemade AllGoodThings.TV video review -- labeled "At Home.” Welcome Florida model/Actress Andrea Beth. Andrea's a real natural beauty with that "Girl Next Door" look. She's the definition of beauty and brains with fluency in English, Portuguese, and French. Be sure to check it out in HD!

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Carol Seleme- Upcoming Review "Wreck-It Ralph"

All Good Things TV | Carol Seleme Daniel


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Curvy Actress - Kether Donohue - "The Bay"

Every now and again, a genuine curvy actress slips through the system. I was watching “The Bay” yesterday when actress Kether Donohue caught my attention. This girl is really voluptuous - click the short clip below to see “the jiggle” - and a pretty good actress as well. When The Bay starts off, she’s sans make-up and you don’t realize how pretty she is, but as the film goes her good looks and charming persona come through.

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Olivia Jensen Update

Olivia has been quiet recently, but she’s still around and looking better than ever.

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Mal Malloy Repping the New AGT Logo

Here we hav Mal Malloy repping the new All Good Things t-shirt, designed by Winterart Illustrations. Whew... Curvy girls rule! Check AGT for further pics.


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Mal Malloy Halloween Special

UPDATED: Artist Amir Avni has updated his artwork of Mal.

Even though Mal has been scarce recently, here is one of her 160lbs vids, just in time for Halloween. The art was done by one of her Facebook friends, back when her account was active. It’s Mal in costume for a Star Trek convention. The easter egg instructions will be posted later tonight in the Treasure Chest section of AGT.



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Additonal Footage - Carol Seleme All Good Things Video

A really quick edit of Carol Seleme from her first AGT video shoot including some footage of her not included in the first video.

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The Power of Bria Myles


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Keisy Myumi - Dimepiece Magazine

Props to Keisy for no tatts and natural beauty, and props to DPM for recognizing a good thing when they see it.


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Bria Myles in SHOW Magazine #23

Check out Bria Myles in the new issue of SHOW magazine.




See the rest here…


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Carol's Review of "The Artist"

After nearly a month, haha. Anyway, check it out in HD (1080) let me know your thoughts Indosplacers. YouTube is great for getting content out there - not so great for collecting intelligent commentary like the type we’ve all grown accustomed to here. Hopefully, Bria Myles and Mal Malloy will be up next.

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Carol Seleme's -

Carol Seleme is the first host for All Good Things - a blog I’m starting with a video game producer covering movies, video games, and comics. It probably ought to be called “cute girls reviewing stuff,” because that’s really what it is. The idea struck us when Mal Malloy did her David Boring and Halloween videos. Those videos were popular but I wanted more creative involvement with them. Of course, I hope to get Mal back in the mix on this project, as well as Olivia, who started us off with a great promo.

On a personal note, I must say it was genuinely a lot of fun working with Carol again. People say this all the time, but in this case it’s actually true. She’s smart and funny in addition to being attractive, which makes her doubly fun.


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AGT Promo - Olivia Jensen

This is a promo for, a new website I’m working on that will include reviews of indie games, graphic novels and smaller films by the extremely hot models I’ve met over the course of doing Indosplace, and some new ones. We’re shooting the first ep. this weekend with Carol Seleme. Meanwhile, enjoy this promo by Olivia with one additional clip.

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Caught My Eye: Ariee, Kirby, and Adella

I first noticed Ariee on Model Mayhem. It wasn’t until later that I saw she hung out with Carol Seleme Daniel. She’s just so petite and feminine and cute. Ariee has got that serious GF appeal, lol.

Kirby Cernosek is a plus size model who was called to my attention by a loyal Indosplace blogger. She’s already starting to pop up on Tumblr pages *sigh*


Adella sent me a note recently on Model Mayhem and I was like, “Wow!” Every now and again a woman who has the look you actually like to shoot will reach out to you. It doesn’t happen often, but it sure is nice when it does.

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Karry Frenchy - The New Hotness

Karry Frenchy is the latest video vixen to catch my attention. I guess I’ve been lucky lately, ‘cause much like Brittany Janelle, Karry was very polite and responsive when I mentioned I wanted to do a feature on her. She’s from France originally. Below is a little more information about Karry, who will certainly catch your eye in her latest video, Ace Hood’s "We on”. (I implore y’all to watch it, lol)

1. How long have you been modeling and what music videos have you been in so far?

I've been modeling for while but didn't take it seriously when I was younger. I did a couple video for a French Rapper named "Booba" ( the biggest on in France ) and then I just started to do video shoots in US. For instance, I did Ace Hood "We on" and Bobby V ft Lil Wayne "Mirror”...


2. Have you been approached by any of the major urban magazines to shoot and which one would you most like to be featured in?

Actually I'm supposed to do a photo shoot for "Blackmen Magazine" but our schedules are not in sync right now… But we are planning to shoot soon.

3. How about those stats - height, measurements, etc.?

About my stats, I don't really know because in France we don't say it the same. All I know is that I'm 5.2 feet and 145 pounds.


4. Other than Twitter, do you have a Facebook or any other websites you'd like to promote?

I used to have a Facebook page but I deleted it. I have Instagram: karry_Frenchy

5. What is your ultimate goal in the entertainment and when can we see you next?

My ultimate goal would be acting. And you might see me a lot soon Winking

Oh, and she’s a Cancer (NOTE: the see comments sections below for add’l pics of Karry)


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Bria Myles - Braids

Over the years, braids have come and gone. Who can forget Bo Derek in “10”? Now Solange Knowles and several other high profile types are rocking braids again. One things for sure: curves never go out of style. Winking Check out Bria Myles on Twitter. (This was our first shoot together in a while - lotta fun.) * The initial pic is now here.


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Recent Kim Kardashian Candid

This one caught my eye.


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Carol Seleme- The Keyframes Don't Lie

I’ve been meaning to post this “Dear Cali” video for a while. It’s not often a model will get a music video where they are the lead and they really get to own the production - where every frame is like a love letter to the model. This is one of them.

You can scrub along this entire music video and just about any frame you land on of Carol Seleme is awesome. Watch that sexy little walk she does in front of the lowrider. Self possessed sexy. Yep, good ole Carol has come into her own. Also, thumbs way up to Adam Roberts Photo for shooting this right.



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Brittany Janelle - New Model

There’s no denying I have a soft spot for the brown skin models trying to get in the game. Having repped Bria Myles for several years, it is undeniably more challenging for a darker model to gain advancement, all things being equal. Brittany Janelle is a new model that caught my eye this regard. If someone were to ask me (no one will), “Indo, what is one of the few things you still enjoy about running this blog?” I would answer: the ability to point people’s attention to new models that are a cut above. This woman’s curves and overall look qualify for that distinction IMO.


I see you are in the latest issue of SHOW. How did that come about?

I submitted photos and had the look they were going for. Had to audition to see if I really looked as I did in real life. Went to the audition in LA and was told I would be in an upcoming issue. Also, I was persistent on twitter, had been on a few blogs, and had a great portfolio that showed my potential. Plus there aren’t a lot of Brown skin girls in the game with no tattoos piercing and all natural bodies. I think I have a totally unique look you would never think a girl like me would come from a small suburb…

What are your main goals in urban modeling?

My goals are to become a brand, a household name. I want to be seen and profit without compromising my beliefs.

Do you see yourself getting into acting/using this as a platform for something bigger in entertainment, or are you just bestowing your beauty on the world in your peak years?

I would say both. I am all about beauty and fashion and can act I grew up a pageant girl just comes natural. I hope to get into fitness because I can do that until the day I die.
What is your ultimate career goal (e.g., what do you wanna be when you grow up)?
I’m a makeup artist by trade is a way of life. I want to continue my brand to still profit even if I quit I still continue to generate revenue from my images and merchandise.
So far, what is your favorite thing about this genre of modeling and what is your least favorite thing?

My favorite thing is meeting new people the glam and money of course. Least favorite is the false advertising its sad a lot of girls don’t look as hot and are kinda rude in real life.
Were there any particular models that inspired you to do this, and if so, which ones?
I would say Erica Mena. I adore her she is multi-faceted and appeals to any demographic and she is unique and can represent anything from urban to couture.
What sign are you?
Taurus the sexiest sign there is of course.
What's next?
My website which has exclusive content and footage of me. Paperdolls Magazine and a major music video and more publications. As well mens apparel with unique designs for fly dudes.Im a ring girl in northern California in the MMA scene so you can def see me doing that.
[Editor’s Note: I contacted Brittany about doing an interview for the blog and she got back to me within an hour and returned the interview questions in the same day. She also followed me back on Twitter. It’s called being professional. You’d be amazed how many models have failed majorly in this regard. Bravo Brittany! Hope you go far.]


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Former Bikini Model Named Highest Paid Actress

Today CNN announced that Modern Family star Sophia Vergara is the highest paid actress on television, with estimated earnings of $19 million between May 2011 and May 2012. Just to put this in perspective, in 2006 Sophia was romping around as a sexy stewardess in Soul Plane, doing the raunchiest of jokes, largely
centered on her sexuality. She’s been in exclusive pictorials for Maxim, Stuff and FHM magazine at least a half dozen times. In short, Sophia used to be a bikini model (the more mainstream equivalent of an urban model).

I realize there are some difference between the mainstream opportunities for a Eurocentric sex kitten and a black one, but still… This would indicated the theory that taking sexy photos will kill any chance at a valid Hollywood career is grossly flawed. As further, support just look at who came in number 2 on Forbes list of highest paid TV actresses: none other than the interracial sex tape queen herself, Kim Kardashian, who took in $18 million in that same period.

The fact is, glamour modeling can be used as a launching pad to a bigger career, you just have to have some talent beyond looking good.


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Jen Oaks' 2012 Cheeky Calendar

I am on the late freight with this one, but I thought this charming calendar by Berkeley-based artist Jen Oaks was worth mentioning. The celebration of curvy women needs every tasteful bit of iconography it can get. Unfortunately the calendar is sold out. Her work reminds me a lot of Adrian Tomine’s art. Also, bravo for including women of color.


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Mal's Return

Mal Malloy as of today…. Video to follow in the coming days (hours?). Stay tuned.


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Olivia's Reappearance

You've taken a little break from Indosplace recently and some of your videos mysteriously disappeared. Can you tell us a little bit about what you've been up to and why some of a couple of your more popular videos wound up in the X-files?

Well I haven't been up to much as far as modeling goes, just laying low and letting some of my "hype" die down. As far as a couple of my videos getting the axe; in my opinion they were subtle sexy, yet they somehow ended up on pornographic sites if you will. It didn't sit well with me to see
my videos and or photos next to such crude photography. I do not want to be compared to or associated with pornographic sites and or blogs, no judgment to the women on those sites, it's just not for me.

What are your plans to take the entertainment business by storm in 2012?

My plans? Same thing I do every day, try to take over the world. (reference to pinky and brain lol) Honestly I would like to start making some moves and actually get the ball rolling on my modeling/acting career. Also I think it's past due for our shoot indo, get your life togetherWinking I would love to take a few months to just live in L.A. And see what could come of that.

You seem to enjoy taking sexy, yet cute and tasteful pics. Would you consider yourself a bit of an exhibitionist? What's your goal when taking pics?

An exhibitionist!? By no means haha, I'd like to think of myself as a fabulous photographer trying to capture a picture that would make someones day. I don't think I have a specific goal when taking photos, if I get a new article of clothing, I immediately want to photograph it to see what it looks like, cocky? All in all I just enjoy being infront of a camera, I'm such a Ham like that Happy


Any thoughts on your sudden popularity on the net? Can we expect a future Facebook page or Twitter?

Hmm I don't quite think much of it, because I'm not too well known. But I would like to thank those who are my "fans" definitely makes me want to keep on keeping on. And yes in the future you can expect a Facebook or twitter! Just not sure when that will be. Such a tease ha

What sign are you (old school)

Pisces of course.

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Christi K - New Music Video

It looks like Christi K, who I photographed last year, is ready to show off that bodacious bod that was, at least initially, one of the draws for my shoot with her. Happy I never felt my pictures really did Christi’s figure justice, for whatever reason. This video, however, is one of the better displays I’ve seen of her voluptuousness. The video is by Young De for those interested. Carol Seleme pops up toward the end of the video and it’s interesting to see the two of them onscreen together. I would suggest watching the 1080p version for maximum… effect.


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Olivia Munn Takes a Cue From F. Scott Fitzgerald

“When a girl feels that she's perfectly groomed and dressed she can forget that part of her. That's charm. The more parts of yourself you can afford to forget the more charm you have.”

--Marjorie, “Bernice Bobs Her Hair”

There’s a lesson many aspiring models and actresses could stand to learn. Believe it or not, most attractive women can successfully convey haughty unattainability, so that’s not really a commodity here in Hollywood. The real value is in modesty - forgetting your appearance, as Bernice is counseled, and letting your charm shine through. Sounds simple enough, right? Apparently, however, it’s fairly difficult because: (1) it’s incredibly rare, and (2) it’s incredibly rare despite the success of women who manage to pull it off.


Take for just one example Olivia Munn (above). She went from chomping hot dogs on “Attack of the Show” to garnering a leading role in Aaron Sorkin’s much anticipated new HBO drama, “The Newsroom.” Munn just seems like one of those self-effacing women who can hang out with the boys and have a beer, even though they’re all secretly crushing out on her. There’s value in that.


Just ask Mal Malloy. With her casual, approachable demeanor she represented the antithesis of the brittle arrogance flaunted by your typical urban model, and it was refreshing for people. Hence, her popularity. People will continue to do what comes easiest. But for the few willing to challenge themselves and who have everything else in place, you may find success comes faster than you’d imagined.

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Glamour Magazine Represents for Curvy Women in Its Annual Swimsuit Issue

This is the second time Glamour magazine has held it down for "thick" women in their annual swimsuit lineup with Lauren Conrad on the cover. The last time I noticed this was with model Kalyea Moss. Of course, she was posted here at Indosplace. This year Kelly Stitt, 28, is the model they chose to represent a more bootylicious figure. What do you guys think? Properly representative? (Excuse the shabby scan, but it was a smaller image that I res'd up)


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A Few Thoughts on The Problem Facing Aspiring Models and Being Posted on Adult Websites

Since Tumblr, Wordpress, and similar sites became popular, one problem models repeatedly encounter is having their photos posted on raunchy blogs, side by side with pornographic material. Both Olivia and Sobella were disturbed to find their images - and worse yet their names - associated with Tumblr pages with extremely graphic, sexual material. The first reaction for the model is that they want their images down, immediately. Fortunately, there is a solution there, but it's not fast and it's not permanent.

I've worked with a content removal company called Pitbull Piracy and achieved good results at having images taken down from undesirable websites (for a fee). The problem is that these images tend to pop up again. Pitbull is prepared for that and will send takedown notices on an ongoing basis if necessary. (Disclaimer: I have no ownership or pecuniary interest in Pitbull Piracy.)

But the real issue is, how does a model dip her toe into urban modeling in a tasteful way, when every sexy photo she puts out will likely land on pornography blogs? Rule number one: don't use your real name when you enter this market. It may seem like a small thing, but chances are good that unless your friends are just as pervy as the websites you don't want to be affiliated with, they will not just happen upon your image, barring it being linked to your real name. The odds of this are even slimmer if you use a "stage name" to mislead nosey co-workers or friends. (Olivia and I recently learned this lesson the hard way.)

Rule number two: don't take any photos you can't defend. Everyone realizes that in the Google age, you can't make a move without the risk of it going public to the world. In other words, most of your friends will believe you if you say you had nothing to do with your summer vacation photos winding up on the "Thighsmantrophy" Tumblr blog. But if you're oiled down in a thong in a provocative pose, they might think you actually submitted the photo to Thighsmantrophy yourself. Guilty is as guilty does.

Rule number three: be realistic and toughen up. You know you're not a porn star and your friends, relatives, and co-workers should know it as well. You may have to give a verbal smackdown to a few people who want to make something out of nothing because your photos ended up on the "Czar for Curves." However, if you want to give urban modeling a try, you have to be prepared for the fact that, no matter how cautious you are, someone may confront you about a situation like this. Beyonce, Juliana Hough and every other mega star is on these porn websites too, but you don't see it preventing them from making music videos or shooting steamy love scenes. It is what it is. As long as you can stand by what you've done as a product, hold your head high and march on.

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A Little BTS - Christi K and Carol Seleme

While I believe I may have posted some interview of Carol once before, I know I haven't of Christi. I think she has a very nice, fresh screen appeal. Both clips give you an idea of what these beauties are like behind the scenes. Click image for video. (Note: videos are in 1080p HD format)

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Sabrina in Repose

Sabrina Hunter: the epitome of Indosplace.


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Carol Seleme - Kevin McCall - "Naked" ft. Big Sean

Carol Seleme is looking great in the new Kevin McCall video "Naked." This is one of those better-than-average music videos for an aspiring model, as it really showcases the models and has some nifty production design. Carol was kind enough to give me a brief interview on how to get into a music video like this. It's a good read for aspiring models. (Below photo by Roberto Blanco.)

1. How did you get the video?

I got the video through Shatter Proof Marketing, which is an agency I work with. I also book lots of work independently but most music videos I book through them.

2. Were you selected outright, call back, etc.

In this instance I didn’t even have to go to a casting call, which was great. They were looking for girls who were at least 5’8 and I got booked through my pics.

3. Is booking a job just thru pics alone something a newbie could expect to happen, or is that reserved for the more experienced models that people have seen in action?

I think as long as they have good pics and get submitted they should be fine.

4. Was the shoot a long day? Several days?

Music videos are always long . . . I was there from 2pm to 1am on Easter Sunday.

5. How is the pay for these sorts of gigs, ballpark - did negotiate at all or was it fixed?

The pay varies a lot for music video these days, you can always negotiate if you are ready to piss a production off, but it might be worth it! I would say the pay for this one was on the average side, like $350.

6. Of course, the big question - did that special effect shot require you to actually be naked for the vid?

I was hoping to let people’s mind wonder on this one . . . but I think we all know there’s no reason to be naked on set when there is this amazing little invention called pasties out there!

7. Any advice to aspiring models about breaking into this business?

Do it if you think the pay is reasonable, not for the exposure, or else you can be deeply disappointed. Its always exciting when the video comes out and you got good camera time, but you can never guarantee that, and a production will always try to convince you to do it for cheaper by throwing out some BS like ‘You’re the lead!’ then you get there and yeah you’re the lead . . . along with 8 other ‘leads’! So don’t even give them your phone number since they think models are brain-dead and will try to take advantage of you, give them your manager’s number.

What matters is that you get compensated for your time, like on any other job. So don’t do it for free or for some pitiful pay, and don’t be throwing yourself in front of the camera, respect yourself.

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Yoncee in KING

One of the better looking new models to hit the scene in the last five years. Follow Yoncee on Twitter here. Additional scan here. (Click to enlarge)


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Melyssa Ford 2011 Malibu Photo Shoot

There's no denying Melyssa Ford is an icon in the urban modeling genre. Yet the below photo of Melyssa in Scott Hebert's port has nary a comment beneath it on Model Mayhem. There was a time you couldn't release a photo of Melyssa Ford without a herd of fanboys and jealous women swarming it with comments and passing it around. Which leads to the question: is Ms. Ford still relevant?

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Bria Myles - Hips on Deck Magazine

Look for Bria in the next issue of Hips on Deck coming up. Here's a little preview shot. Also check for Bria in the Memorial Day issue of SHOW Magazine coming soon...
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Sobella Strikes Back: Part II

All artsy stuff aside, here are the originals in their full resolution, including one side shot not included: Pic 1, Pic 2, Pic 3, Bonus Pic. Reach Sobella on Facebook here and let her know what you think in the comments section directly below this post.
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Arley Elizabeth - Curvy Filipina

Arley Elizabeth is a rarity - a curvy Asian model (or Pacific Islander, depending on your perspective [she's Filipino]). You don't see many of those on the net or in real life. About a year ago I contacted Arley about shooting for the blog. While very polite, she is in that camp of models that will not shoot unless paid. Although I can understand that perspective in certain, limited situations, in many cases I think it's short sighted. For one, photographers who have to pay models to shoot tend not to be the best out there, and over time that can be reflected in the models work. (I'll let you be the judge of that - Arley's portfolio is here) Secondly, if I didn't pay Carol Seleme, Alysha Young, or Bria Myles - models who have been featured in major magazines, music videos, and national TV commercials, etc., - why would I pay in this instance? Sometimes it's about more than a paycheck.

That being said, I featured Arley because I came back to her recently and I still think she's very impressive. This post kind of belongs in the Model Advice section, because it addresses a tricky aspect of the business. Maybe at some point Arley will post here herself and let us know her perspective on all this. I'd welcome it.

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Missy Neverman Mason - Pulling Away From the Pack

I posted Missy Mason aka Melissa Neverman two years ago when hardly anyone knew about her. Now she's super fit and starring in the new Gucci Man's "Im in Love with a White Girl" music video. Looks like she moving up the ranks. But keep in mind, if you type her name "Missy Mason" in Google, Indoplace is the first result Winking

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Carol Seleme - Sexy Throwback Video

Here we've got one of my favorite model's debut video at Indosplace - Carol Seleme doing some subtle/sexy dance moves on a break from working on her painting. A lot of people never caught this clip, so I've created a link to the very high quality version as well as a Youtube version (I'd suggest the HD version - the Youtube one is meh)...

Reach Carol on Twitter here and check out her new artwork here.

Credits (on 1st pic) - Model: Carol Seleme | Make-Up: Tai Young-Jackson | Hair: Joshjarie | Photography:

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Regina Ragni - The Look

Here Regina shows off her modeling chops with just a subtle look that makes the picture. Regina graduated from USC and works in the medical field.


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Shirley C. - Tanned Perfection

Shirley C. Small
It's Shirley's turn! Check out her "media test" video talking about her trip to the Winter Music Conference 2012 in Miami. NOTE: Shirley has promised an additional video, slightly more revealing in the next day (e.g., she's gonna stand up in that outfit) - I'll link it to the 2nd pic, leave comments with any suggestions... Winking (Shirley has no Twitter or Facebook for now, but you guys may be able to convince her.)

Click first image below for video...

DSC07837-Shirley-Indosplace-xsm copy

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Aqualily Alysha Young

Alysha Young Just Dance
Alysha Young has been busy these days touring for Ubisoft's Just Dance 3, which was released for the XBox Kinect earlier this year. By way of a little background, I first worked with Alysha (who I met through Bria Myles) when I shot her for J'Adore magazine a couple years ago. Alysha has always been more of a commercial than an urban model, with both a dance agency and a modeling agency repping her. She is also part of Aqualillies, a water ballet company that is featured in this month's issue of Vogue magazine.

Credits - Model: Alysha Young | Make-Up: Tai Young-Jackson | Hair: Tara Copeland | Photography:


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Mal Malloy - Easter Is Early

Three hidden Mal Malloy easter eggs. Hints include .... Santini and Hunter... (one is in a recent comment in a non-Mal thread, but about Mal)...


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Livy - Summer Swimsuit Shopping

It would appear that Olivia's quest for world domination continues... (quitte successfully I might add)


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Sabrina Hunter - Womanly Wordsmith

Super thighs novelist Sabrina Hunter.


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Sobella - Alluring Modesty

As promised, here we have native New Yorker Sobella's media test video, and I have to say, she is very appealing. There's a subtle modesty to her gestures - the little shoulder shrug, hand movements - that is quite alluring. Anyway, she did a couple takes so I've posted two here. Be sure to leave comments and let Sobella know what you think... (My suggestion is full screen, 480p on the vertical video Winking )


Alternate Cut:

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"Her Name is Rio" - Model Rio Lund

"I've seen you on the beach and I've seen you on TV."
-Rio, Duran Duran

By: Falene Nurse

Sometimes a song lyric so perfectly captures a person's spirit you could be easily fooled into thinking the musician wrote the track about them specifically. In this case that's impossible, as Duran Duran penned the 80s hit when Rio hadn't even been born. Yet at times it's hard not to imagine Simeon Le Bon wasn't describing a day in the life of Los Angeles model and artist, Rio Lund today.

By day she attends casting calls, covered up in free-spirited bohemian chic, rocking a natural do. By night she releases her inner pin-up, donning red lipstick, a Bettie Page wig and over a dozen body tattoos. Rio's one of the few girls I know that has managed the trifecta effect of modeling, success in the commercial, fashion and urban markets. At a statuesque 5ft10 with a 34-24-39 frame Rio can't help but stand out in a crowd, so it's not surprising she's done over 20 commercials (including Nike, Coke and Target), dozens of music videos, print campaigns and magazine covers - with no sign of slowing dow any time soon. What might surprise you is that if that weren't enough, she's also a professional and sought after tattoo artist/piercer here in Hollywood. I chatted with Rio to see how she juggles these two very different careers.


Q: Are you originally from LA?
RIO: Yes, born and raised mamma (said with a grin)

Q: You are a tattoo artist, model and a pin-up. That's unusual?
RIO: I suppose you could say that I'm a bit of a chameleon.

Q: Do you have a preference to work?
RIO: When it all comes down to it I am a true artist at heart, whatever I happen to be doing. I also really love trying new things.

Q: When did you start modeling?
RIO: I began modeling at aged 16.

Q: Were you interested in art first or modeling?
RIO: My interests in art started in the 2nd grade, so… there you go.

Q: When did you realize, I can make a living as a model?
RIO: My big break came when I started to get the big bucks, booking multiple commercials and print work. That only happened though when I finally clicked with the right agency. I had been with other top agencies prior to that, but wasn't booking so much.

(Rio has an adorable habit of using her hands when describing words "big bucks" and "clicked." For a model she is completely unaware of herself, very expressive and unrestricted. She's happiest if she can pull a face that will get a laugh out of you.)

Q: Did you always have your own unique style?
RIO: Yes my own, weird, eclectic thing going on, even when it wasn't cool. Cee Lo and Outkast's style wasn't around when I was growing up, I'm not saying I went out in capes and feathers (lol.) But even as a teenager I never really cared what anyone thought, or what the trend was.

Q: How do you manage to crossover the different genres?
RIO: For me modeling is just like playing dress up. You can become who ever you want to be. All the different categories I've modeled, were something that I specifically wanted to venture into at a given time. Just to see if I could do it. Being challenged is good.

Q: You are very tall and curvy, do you think that helps you balance between "fashion" and "urban?"
RIO: I used to do fashion a lot when I was younger, until I was FIRED. Yes from this one agency for having, and I quote " a BIG butt and hips." Which quite frankly - I like (laughing hard.) The main types of modeling I do now are commercial/commercial print (with all my tattoos covered up), pin up/tattoo and urban. I don't do too much runway anymore since to me the requirements are ridiculous! You practically have to be either 12 years old, or anorexic! I stick to what keeps me happy, healthy and alive.

Q: You can pass for a lot of different cultures, Latino, Spanish, African, Mediterranean, what's your background?
RIO: My moms from Morocco, my dad is Norwegian, and there's a bit of Spanish on both sides.

Q: Tell me about your tattoo training?
RIO: A dear friend of mine Lou Bone(R.I.P.) got me into tattooing/piercing, he also pushed me to try modeling. As he was already an established tattoo artist he encouraged me into working at his shop. I recently looked in an old journal of mine from when I was 10 and it said, "I'm going to become a tattoo artist one day." Didn't mention the modeling. That's what I wrote, even then (she smiles a little to herself.) My mentor was an amazing human being with a contagious laugh. Typical artist though, so his moods were often up and down, but he could create anything - you know. Unfortunately he passed away tragically, but I have his portrait tattooed on my inner arm. Close to my heart.


Q: What shop do you work at now?
RIO: Young Guns Studio on Hollywood Blvd.

Q: The 2 portraits on your back are beautiful, who are they?
RIO: Both of my grandma's as young women, they were beautiful people.

Q: On the few days that you get to yourself, what do you do to relax?
RIO: Surf, dance, yoga, gardening, playing with my dog. I dabble in a lot of hobbies. I also try to love life as much as possible, every day. Also did I mention I'm fire dancing now?

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Olivia - Sewing a Curve

This is Olivia's first video on the net...ever! Exciting stuff, and it's happening right here at Indosplace. Anyway, I asked Olivia, Sobella, and Shirley to all make a video under a minute talking about any subject they wanted and showing you can be sexy without giving away the farm. Looks like Olivia is first up to bat, and Sobella should be later this week and Shirley slightly after that.

Be sure to leave comments and Olivia know what you think. (Click image to be taken to video, or watch via Daily Motion link below [quality not quite as good]) Butter of 69 is the song...


Olivia - Sewing a Curve by Putney-Swope

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Very Good Documentary on Video Vixens

This one is a classic. A V H - 1 documentary on video vixens at the apex of the genre, from a few years ago, and the best I've seen. Just about every perspective is represented here, and represented well for the most part. Perhaps my only gripe is that Karrine Stephans is the center piece of this show.

Notwithstanding that, this one should be mandatory viewing for any woman considering doing this. The points made are all still valid considerations today.

This probably won't stay up long, but it's very difficult to find, so I'd suggest using something like Download Helper to save it to disc.

Documentary on Video Vixens by Putney-Swope

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Jernie - "You've Come a Long Way, Baby"

That used to be the slogan for Virginia Slims cigarettes back in the day, and it seems apropos here. Jernie was first featured on Indosplace in '09 and, my, how her photos have changed (for the better). See her web feature on KING's website for more pics.


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Rosa Acosta in Two In The Shirt Promo

The video would appear to be the embodiment of the phrase "eye candy"... Reach Rosa Acosta on Twitter here. T.I.T.S. Brand here.

ROSA ACOSTA X ESTEVAN ORIOL X TITS 2012 from Estevan Oriol on Vimeo.

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Sobella & Shirley: Gym Candids

In a happy coincidence that couldn't have been planned out better if I tried, Sobella and Shirley actually met up at the gym a second time and took a couple exclusive candids for y'all. Man these two... clawd ha mercy, lol... Leave a comment and let them know what you think.


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Koi Relocates to Los Angeles

Koi has officially relocated from Houston to Los Angeles. Show her your support on Twitter and Facebook.


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Dena Cali - Class Act

Most people haven't heard of Dena Cali. She's a commercial model/actress who you have probably seen in television commercials and print ads, but just didn't know her name. Check her out in the Keyshia Cole/P Diddy collab "Last Night." She also has a very successful line of black hair products.

The video below is a good example of how an aspiring urban model can present herself with class and still come across alluring and cute. Just watch Dena in the first few minutes - shes a pro through and through.


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Brand New-bians: A Few Seriously Qualified Aspiring Models

I'm scheduled to shoot with one of these models next month - can you guess who?

Olivia - A 23-year-old Ohioan with serious curves and a dance/theater background. She's a former NKU student with a great attitude (42" hips don't hurt either)


Shirley - A 25-year-old college student from Harlem who hopes to be a top Public Relations professional after graduation. She hopes to hit the pages of KING magazine before the year is out...


Sobella - Innocent looks with devilish curves seems to be the theme with this CUNY graduate. This isn't her first time on Indosplace and with any luck we'll shoot this summer...

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New Sabrina Hunter

Getting ready for book number 2! Photos courtesy of photographer Bryan Anderson. Reach Sabrina on Twitter here.


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Rosée Divine - Curvy New Urban Model

Rosée Divine is the latest curvy white model (nicknamed PAWG) to enter the urban market. Originally from France, you cannot deny this girl has an incredible body. With over 11,000 followers on Twiteer, message boards denizens are already comparing her to the likes of Mal Malloy and London Andrews, declaring her the top PAWG in the game... I'm not so sure about that, especially as it concerns besting Mal. But take a look at the footage below and you be the judge. (Don't give this short shrift fellas) Rosee Divine Photo Shoot @ Matrix Cuts Midtown NYC (Official Video) from mrlocario on Vimeo.

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Emily - Me In My Place

Me In My Place is my last hope this type of blogging can be done with any respectability. However, where is the equivelant of MIMP in the urban genre? Anyway, this model Emily is definitely one of my favorites so far on the site. She proves you don't need a gigantic backside to make an impact when the entire package is nice. She's a real cutie and comments indicate she's not just my favorite.

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Sabrina Hunter Throwback

Why didn't I just help her tie that darn necklace, lol... Reach the beautiful and curvy Sabrina on Twitter here.


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Many Are Called, Few Are Chosen - The Dearth of Qualified Aspiring Urban Models

It's always been the case with urban modeling that the ones who are best suited to do it - the ones who would really make a difference - often have to be chased down and begged to even consider it. Meanwhile, the ones who have no business wanting to model are the first in line to give it a try. This was true even back in the "good old days." But now with social media and the lowering of the barriers to entry to urban modeling, it is especially true.

I get about a half dozen requests from women every month asking about being featured on the site. The woman pictured to the left is one of the few that was actually qualified to do this (overqualified really). Unfortunately, she started to have misgivings about the genre before we could ever get around to shooting. She's a college grad with a good job and she questioned what effect this would have on her career. (All hope isn't lost - she's still considering it.)

I won't lie - Indosplace is on the endangered websites list for 2012. And this is one of the reasons: the lack of qualified modeling applicants.

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Happy 2012 - One Mo Bria Myles

Add'l pic added 1/8/12...

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Indosplace Siren Carol Seleme in Lowrider Girls

Carol Seleme, who kinda sorta made her big debut here at Indosplace in January of this year, continues to rack up the tear sheets. This month, she appears in the latest issue of Lowrider Girls magazine. Nice!

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Melyssa Ford - Staying on her Toes

Melyssa looking good as usual here. Reach her on Twitter here social---twitter_16x16


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Bria Myles is Thick Again

Looks like the venerable top vixen Bria Myles has returned to form and gotten a little curvier for the winter. These are very recent photos by Jankula Images and retouched by Indosplace (minimally, trust). Hair is by Joshjarie. Large versions: Bria Front Shot - Bria Back Shot.


A couple add'l shots... Happy

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Is Amber Rose the Top Video Vixen Success Story?

After viewing Amber Rose's undeniably stunning Smirnoff ad this weekend (over and over), it's hard not to be a little impressed. Just based on what I know about minimums for these types of commercials, Ms. Rose had to get at least $10,000 for this 30 second clip, even if it was a buy out. But more importantly, wasn't Amber just a no-name stripper 3-4 years ago!? It's hard to argue the come up here. She's also been in some impressive magazines (Vibe, KING, Urban Ink, Smooth, etc.) and is amassing quite the oeuvre of photo shoots. While she'll never be the archetype (because that title belongs indelibly to Melyssa Ford), it's starting to be hard to deny that in the last 5 years or so, Amber Rose is the video vixen success story to beat.


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Egypt SeLinda - Hottie on the Rise

Model Egypt Selinda appears in two urban magazines this month: the new men's mag Aeon and Smooth. I have to say, I was impressed with her photos and this little video clip of her (watch the upper thighs as she backs up toward the cyc). This woman has a beautiful face and body. It will be interesting to see what path she takes in the business... All the best to her.

Also, Ms. Selinda is Latina and Egyptian.


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Brittney Glaze Exclusive Interview - Maxim Top 10 Hometown Hottie

As some of you know, I did a feature on model Brittney Leigh Glaze in July 2011 that got a very good reception. Since that time, Brittney has managed to become a Top 10 Maxim Hometown Hottie and be featured in the latest issue of Maxim as well their 2012 Calendar. Not too shabby... Well, I'm counting on her to be selected as number one. Brittney did a brief interview with me for this blog post to update us on her latest adventures.

How did you initially get involved with the Maxim Hometown Hotties competition?

I intitially got involved by applying for the contest as a joke thinking there was no way of me getting top ten!

How many competitors were there in total that the final 10 were chosen from?

There were thousands of entrys then they narrowed it down to top 100 then down to top 10.

Has being affiliated with Maxim changed anything in terms of your modeling career?

It has changed some. People have noticed me a little more and in my hometown I'm a local celeberity. I've also received a lot more job oppurtunities...

That's gotta be nice. How do you feel about your chances of being chosen as number one?

Well I got to hang out with the top ten hotties for a week. All of them are gorgeous and very awesome chicks so it's gonna be tough to pick a #1...

I did a feature on you in July 2011 that received a lot of attention. My blog generally features curvier models and has a largely ethnic fan base. Have you found that being more voluptuous broadens your appeal, in terms of your fan base?

In this industry they either LOVE my curves or HATE them. I like who I am. What you see is what you get. You'll never see me starving myself for work.

Wow, you don't hear that type of resolve and self confidence much in this industry. I bet you will be even more embraced because of loving who you are and not changing it.

What major projects do you have coming up in the future?

I have a few ad campaigns I'm doing.. Maxim of course..A few catalogs..Traveling for promo's and hopefully winning Maxim's top hottie!

Hahaha - I see you snuck in an answer to my previous question there at the end. Congratulations on all your success!

--> Be sure to vote Brittney into the number one spot HERE (voting ends December 5, 2011)


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Tahiry Coming Up In Next Smooth

I've always liked Tahiry. In fact, she was one of my first blog posts here. She keeps her pics at a certain level of quality and she hasn't "gone Hollywood" and lost her curves. Here's wishing her the best in 2012 from Indosplace.


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Mal Malloy - Volume No. 2 is in the Works

As most of you know by now, Mal Malloy got a new camera. An HD camera (Canon Powershot Elph 300 HS to be specific). Of course than means Volume 2 is presently in the works. This is the official suggestion box post for the DVD. This post might also contain a link to an Easter Egg video, for nostalgia's sake, lol. Since that's kinda gone out of vogue, I'm keeping it very easy. Hint: It's related to a Carol Seleme post (changed since the location was revealed); there's also an add'l EE added (hint: related to model whose nickname initials are "N.N."...)


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Daphne Duvernay - Original Inspiration

These photos of Daphne Duvernay (don't even try finding her on Google) by fotog Marc Baptiste had a big impact on me back in the 90s. This one of the first times I had ever seen a black women shot with the Sports Illustrated aesthetic. Also, Daphne looks like she could be your girlfriend, not a "jump off." In the beginning with urban modeling, this is how it was. Black women were more so idealized and cast in the true girl-next-door tradition. As you know, it's a completely different story now.

Notice that these photos hold up over time and still look a lot better than what we are seeing nowadays in the urban market. Also noteworthy is the fact that Daphne is not sporting a weave. Later on, I had the privilege of shooting Daphne's sister, Natalie Duvernay. I'll see if I can dig up a photo or two of her. The resemlance is surprising.


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Vanessa Veasley - KING Magazine Winter 2011

This was one of my favorite spreads from this issue of KING magazine. As some of you know, Vanessa Veasley gave a great interview previously on my blog in which she prognosticated about the future of urban modeling, stating (in response to whether urban modeling was dead): "There is no industry. There are urban models, urban mags, urban music, and events, but we have totally lost the small industrious nature of it we were slowly cultivating in the early '00s. ¶ I don't think it will ever recover. Models are being replaced by strippers who don't need the money and beautiful, insecure women who shoot mags only to validate themselves. Any dude with a camera is now a photographer; any dude that can code has an online magazine. Music videos have no budgets and no one watches them anyway. It's a circus." I always thought that was a pretty dead on assessment of the current state of affairs in "the business." Gotta love it: beauty and brains.


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Bria Myles - KING Magazine Winter 2011

Two words: "surprisingly good." That's how I would describe this most recent pictorial of Bria Myles in KING Magazine. These images reminded me of urban modeling circa 2005, when things were still on the upswing in the business. I predict these photos will become quite popular, floating around the net for some time to come and popping up on party fliers and the like. As final note, it's important to remember, as RG observed, that Bria has appeared on the cover of KING twice now. The first time was in early 2007 when we first started working together. I'm glad I got a chance to work with one of the best who ever did it... (All of these images are on the server in larger format @ www.indosplace/assets/... (name of file but add "lg" instead of "sm" to the very end))

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Naya Rivera - Glee - FHM UK (Hi res scans)

I used to really like Naya back when she was on The Bernie Mac Show and still had some body fat. The "Glee" version of her is still cute, but not sexy IMO. I'm posting these more so for this cover than anything else. I thought this was a really good cover - it reminded me of the old days when mags were still thriving.



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The Elusive Christi K

One of the best images I've ever seen of Christi K... Interesting factoid: Christi doesn't have many images floating around out there on the net - hence the "elusive."

Props to photographer Ryan Astamendi. Click to enlarge. (Retouching by Indosplace)

Christiane Kroll

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Sabrina Hunter - Using Urban Modeling to Her Advantage

As many of you know, Sabrina Hunter is a model who is also a successful writer now. She briefly dabbled in urban modeling in 2005 and then returned to the scene to take some exclusive pictorials for my blog. Our photo shoots were a success and she wound up on Media Take Out and many other blogs several times due in part to them (she also would have been in Smooth magazine were it not for a strict no-thongs policy on her part (kudos)). But Sabrina always had a game plan in mind when taking photos. She was doing it to gain notoriety before going public with her novel, Skeletons in the Closet. Her plan worked quite well and illustrates perfectly how urban modeling can be used to a woman's advantage. It is just another tool to focus the public spotlight on an aspiring model. What you do with that spotlight once you get it is up to you. (Click to enlarge)

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Bria Myles - Lockers

Bria Myles and I have gotten some good shots. When I first started this blog, it might has well have been called the Bria Myles/Koi blog, because that's all I really had to post. Unfortunately, a lot of those earlier posts didn't get their just dues, so I'm reposted these because I'm sure many never saw them.

Bria Myles Lockers

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Indosplace Member Profile: Natasha

Since nearly the beginning of my blog three years ago, "Natasha" from the United Kingdom has been a regular contributor in the comments and one of the voices I listen to most. Earier this year, by methods which escape memory, I somehow happened upon Natasha's profile on Facebook. Much to my surprise, I discoved that this Pisces cutie could be a model on Indosplce herself. She's got quite the figure and a cute face. Anyway, I caught up with her and asked her a couple questions about her thoughts and experience on Indosplace...

You said in a Sabrina Hunter post that you had "lost faith" in the site (agreeing with RN 100) - I wanted you to talk some about that and your feelings about what the site represents for aspiring urban models or curvy women in general, and also what you don't like about the recent direction (being candid)...

Ok well, as far as losing faith in the site, I haven't lost faith at all! That's why I keep coming back although on some occasions I'll take a break if the models don't interest me. Really and truly, I guess my opinion probably hardly matters because I'm a woman and I understand that your blog probably is directed at male readers more. Sometimes I do wonder where the black models are but at the end of the day if there isn't much great black urban models out there what would be the point of featuring them? If you showcased just anyone or the typical urban model you would probably lose what makes your blog stand out from the others.

One thing I do love abut your blog is the fact that most posts have some form of intellect posted with it. You always prompt a discussion or debate and I love debates! I also like the fact that even though you may not show as much black models anymore, you do find some very unique and pretty amazing non-black women such as Mal Malloy and Brittany Leigh and you take a chance with models whether people find them attractive or not and its always good to see fresh faces whether or no they're appealing to us.

Also, what your feeling is about the current state of the urban market in general, and how things differ in the UK from here...

As far as the urban modelling industry in general I do think its been in quite a pitiful state recently. I think the Game sort of contributed to the downfall of the urban model's reputation and of course as music sales suffered so did these models' earnings. Of course there are still urban models about but their value has been cheapened quite a bit. In the UK, I don't think urban models ever had any real value in the first place! The urban music scene in the UK has just recently been brought to the masses and the UK is still quite a conservative society compared to the USA. If American urban models are ever seen as 'video hos' then you can be sure that most urban models in the UK are probably seen as worse.

Who some of your favorite posters are on the site (only 2 or 3), as well as favorite models...

I'm really not sure who my favourite posters on the site are. I quite like most of the regular posters but I particularly like people like Real N****, not because I necessarily agree with their blunt comments but because they state what they really feel without a care because it gives you another perspective. For instance, as a lady I wouldn't want to be tarnished with the 'hater' reputation so I tend to either ignore the articles/models I don't like or type 'hmmm...'

My favourite models... I would have to say Bria Myles first and foremost because she brought me to this site and she looks absolutely adorable and has an amazing figure. Mal Malloy makes me laugh - her personality really shines through in all her videos and she pulls the best faces! I can see why she is so popular with an attitude like hers and not to mention her goddess body. There are other women I find stunning like Katherine Monslave but if she wasn't fixed at the top of the screen I would've forgotten her - as I do with most of these models. I like the ones with great personalities.

How does having a curvy figure affects your dating choices and options. Pros and cons to guys liking your curvy backside, etc.

On having a curvy figure, it had been difficult for me to come to terms with at first. It was never down to food, its ingrained in my genetics. In South Africa (which is where my roots are) 99% of the women are like this and my baby pictures always show an oversized nappy! However, growing up in England, where its not the norm, had me planning liposuction as soon as I knew what it was! But of course, as I grew older and started getting compliments from boys and men, I started to learn to love it. Which is why no matter who I date I hold black men in high regard because they really made me feel good about my body.

If there are cons to having quite a prominent bottom its the fact that men see you as a sexual object. I think men tend to approach you with sex being the very first thing on their minds before much else. It became so bad at one point that I once had to say to a guy who had stopped me: "Be honest, you just want to backshot it." He burst into laughter but I knew it's because I was right!

Whereas before I used to flaunt it nowadays apart from when I'm going out in the evening I try to cover up more. No matter how much men say they love big butts I would always prefer to be looked at as facially beautiful rather than body-beautiful.

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Laura Dore DVD - Yikes! Seriously, yikes.

Today I got a nice little promo package in the mail from Laura Dore as a thanks for covering her on the blog. The package was really impressive and included all of her SHOW issues, her calendar and most importantly, her DVD. (Note to aspiring vixens: this is how you promote!) With the state of affairs in urban modeling, it's hard to take anything at face value anymore and I wondered to what extent Laura's fantastic proportion were the real deal and to what degree Photoshop played a part. You can imagine my horror as I watched the DVD and realized that those insane proportions in the hip-to-waist region are completely real! Hence, yikes (twice) Laura also comes off very likable and down to earth. Her comments about her hair and what it takes to get it that way are hilarous.

This is great little DVD. Not too long and packed with great footage of Laura, who is extremely impressive.


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Carol Seleme Daniel - Super Street Bike Magazine

Nothing makes me happier than seeing models I've shot go on to bigger and better things. Congrats to Carol Seleme for getting in next month's issue of Super Street Bike magazine (the same publisher of the venerable Low Rider magazine). Reach Carol on Twitter here. Bonus shot.


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Bria Myles New KING Magazine Cover - 2011

A well deserved tribute to one of the greats, Bria Myles, by one of the greats, KING Magazine... Kudos to editor Sean Malcolm for remembering the models that helped define the genre in his cover choices. Hit Bria up on Twitter here. (This post will be updated with further pics once I get around to scanning)


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"Video Girl" - Meagan Good Gets Her Video Vixen On... (Movie Review)


"Video Girl" got a lot of things right - acting, cinematography, and direction are all notable. I always say we need to see more movies about African Americans just living life and doing things everyday people do. This is one of those movies. It tells the story of Lori Walker, strongly played by Megan Good, who moves from her small town to Los Angeles to pursue music video modeling. You can tell that the people involved with making this movie knew the business, because they got the nuances right, like the atmosphere of a music video set. Lorie's submergence into the world of music videos also felt true to real life, as did the interaction between the key players. Good brought her considerable acting experience to bear in this movie, taking it up several notches.

There needs to be a separate mention for cinematographer John Barr, who was camera operator on Capote and Frost/Nixon. This guy knows what he's doing, and he gave the movie a professional, self assured look that is rarely seen in independent African American films. People may not notice small things like the lighting on the golf course music video scene, but as a photographer I certainly did. Bravo John.

Melyssa Ford has a nice part as a bad influence on Lorie. Esther Baxter also has a small part in the movie, as do Suelyn and Angel Lola Luv. All of the supporting cast is fairly good, and particularly La'Myia Good as Lorie's sister (La'Myia is Meagan's real life sis) and Haylie Duff (Hilary's older sister) as Lorie's "friend." (Haylie is uncredited in the movie for reasons unknown to me.)

The first half of the movie is enjoyable in a low key way. If you don't already like Meagn Good, you probaby will after this movie: she apparently has no bad camera angles. The problem comes with the third act of the film, as Lorie succumbs to the fast life in Los Angeles. This part of the movie feels overwrought and drawn out. Additionally, Lorie's sudden cocaine abuse problem feels cliche and dated. (It probably should have been an oxy or vicodin addiction.) But the main issue is that we aren't shown any of the real problems an aspiring video vixen might encounter (e.g., being a single parent, homelessness, rape) in a meaningful way. Success actually comes pretty easily for Lorie, except that "Shark," the music video director who takes her under his wing, becomes overly possessive. There's some back story about issues at home leading to Lorie's unraveling, but it also seems cut and paste.

Despite this, "Video Girl" is still a pretty likable movie. It's not everyday you see a quality black, indie like this, and I suspect that as word gets around, this will become a favorite in the community. Kudos to all involved.

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Me In My Place - Xian Mikol Quon

I've mentioned the blog Me In My Place before here, so you can check that post for the overview. Long and short - professional photographer for Esquire magazine anonymously doing pet project shooting everyday women (and occasionally models) in their place of residence. Generally speaking, I love the photography, but the models are usually not so curvy. But Xian Mikol Quon is kinda different. Cute face, and fairly "thick"...

Even though she was on Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency, I couldn't find much about her online pictorially speaking, and esp. not any photos in swimwear or lingerie. But she wore it for MIMP.... Winking That's how you know your blog is getting really popular: when you can get models to do what they haven't otherwise. Anyway, his stuff is always in good taste, so it's not really all that controversial...
you-were-sayingXian Mikol Quon
Xian Mikol Quon 2
Xian Mikol Quon 3

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New Images of Christi Kroll

These are new images of the beautiful Christiane Kroll taken by talented LA photographer Ryan Astamendi and retouched by me. Ryan has his own blog, which has more excellent images. I really like these pics. Christi's classic good looks are just going to get better with time. Click to enlarge - Bonus pic added 10/6/11...

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Carol Seleme Has a New Tumblr Page

Carol has got a new Tumblr page and she's going to be adding new artwork and sexy pics and vids, so check it out here. Gratiutous pic added for Carol fans.


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Is The Internet Really Forever? The Lifespan of a Digital Image

You hear this a lot, that once a woman’s photos are published online, they will be there forever. Nothing ever disappears from cyberspace, so the thinking goes. It sounds good and seems true, but I’m not sure it really is. Ever tried looking for photos of a model who appeared on the net 5-10 years ago? Unless they’ve experienced a sudden resurgence in popularity, you are unlikely to find anything. That's because while an image may have the potential to be around for years on the net, that rarely winds up being the case. Call it digital attrition, but somehow these photos seem to just disappear. Take the case of Canadian fitness model Jamie Keoppe. At one time, message boards were flooded with photos of
Jaime Koeppe
Jamie. (Anyone who knows this model can attest to this fact. ) Now, her image results on Google are meager at best. The same can be said of Miss Cheeky, whose ECM galleries used to be a regular staple on message boards. But when I recently posted her, I could scarcely gather up a dozen photos.

Mind you, a lot has changed in five years, most of it in favor of the infinite preservation of digital images in cyberspace. Just five years ago, Facebook was in its infancy, as was Youtube. There was no Tumblr, Twitter or Blogger. All of these tools aid in pictures lingering around the net longer. But I still have a difficult time finding images of models who were hot just a year ago.

The internet is a very transient medium. Message boards and blogs disappear all the time, and the photos indexed on those sites with them. Photobucket accounts are suspended or abandoned. Tinypics get deleted, Facebook accounts terminated. Eventually, if the factors line up, all of the breadcrumbs leading to a model can vanish. It’s not as unusual as you might think. Try finding the below image of Bria Myles online. It was posted about 2 years ago on her website as a “Bonus Shot” for several weeks. During that time, it circulated message boards heavily, but now, “poof”, it’s gone.


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Jernie in Smooth Magazine 7th Jamaica Issue

At one time, Jernie did an an exclusive interview for Indosplace. She looks nice here in these new Smooth magazine shots. Kudos to Smooth for publishing more often and regularly than any of the other urban mags at this point.


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Laura Dore - Too Artsy or a Pleasant Divergence From The Usual Urban Dreck?

On the board where I found these images, there was a delightful little comment accompanying them:

One of my faves. BUT...She tries to be too artsy with that old school burlesque type shit...She needs to put her ass in a thong and bend over...that's all the "art" we need from her.

While I somewhat understand where the poster is coming from, I think there's enough of the bend-over-in-a-thong stuff out there that if one model comes along and tries to infuse the industry with a little creativity, that can't be a bad thing.

Anyway, these shots of Laura Dore really struck my fancy, so I'm passing them along. Those huge white chocolate thighs in the back of this motocar would have caused mayhem to ensue.

Elle 3Elle 2

Additional pic added thankts to the woman herself, Laura Doré, Or should I say Mistress Laura Winking

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Frank D - Dynasty Series - Mermaids

I'll just retype the comment I left on Dynasty Series (minus the typos Winking

"And here Frank D shows that he understands the main premise behind quality eye candy – making people feel good. You come home from a long day at work and look at these beautiful photos, with the warm sun setting in the background and the aqua/turquoise theme in both the styling and make up, and you can’t help but be transported – if only for a few seconds – to a better place. BTW, Karina Lopez is AMAZING."


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Alysha Young Reveals How She Added "Just Dance" to Her Repertoire

Click image to be taken to video blog by Alysha Young revealing how she got involved with Ubisoft and traveled the country to promote the "Just Dance" video game for the Wii and Xbox 360, in addition to being featured in a nationwide commercial... Photography:

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Bria Myles: Good Things on the Horizon

Bria is slated to be on the cover (solo) of a pretty big magazine coming up soon... Here are two BTS shots.


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Leila Lopes - Miss Universe 2011 - Is The Controversy Surrounding Her Win Just Sour Grapes

Since Leila Lopes, a 25 year old woman from Angola, was named Miss Universe on September 14, 2011, she has received some negative comments from fellow contestant, Laury Thilleman (Miss France). "We were all surprised by her win." I'm sure Ms. Thilleman can speak for each of her fellow contestants on this issue. *sigh* Ms. Thilleman also made a cryptic comment about Lopes personality: "I don’t know, something is missing in her temperament" What the heck? Who is Thilleman, Dr. Phil now?

Keep in mind, Lopes is only the second Black woman to win the crown since the pageant started in 1952. Allegations have also surface that false documents may have been used to help newly crowned Miss Universe Leila Lopes enter qualifying pageant, Miss Angola UK, but this also sounds like it might be nothing more than sour grapes...

Be interested to hear your thoughts Indochine Bloggers....

Miss Angola Leila Lopes is Miss Universe 2011_01Miss Angola Leila Lopes is Miss Universe 2011_08

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"Miss Cheeky" - Canadian Curves

Click the collage image for her comeback video. Reach the somewhat elusive Ms. Cheeky on Twitter here social---twitter_16x16


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Nostalgia Knockout - Amy Hunter

I'm intrigued by the notion of timeless beauty. It's always fascinating when I find an old photo that I've taken and the model looks just as good to me today as she did when I originally took the pic. I suppose there are some basics of attractiveness - robust health, good skin, hair and teeth - that just stand the test of time. Actress Amy Hunter embodies all of those elements in this casual Polaroid taken in 1996. Probably best known as the hottie at the end of "Two Can Play at That Game," Amy would be as captivating today to men as she was when she took this test photo for a shoot. That's impressive.


Post updated 8/4 with additional pic:


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Billion Dollar Booty - How Kim Kardashian Sold the World on her Assets

Note: Please give a warm welcome to freelance copywriter, Falene Nurse, who authored this article specifically for Indosplace. She has worked as a writer in the advertising industry for about 7 years and is originally from the UK. Falene is also a model/actress with the Q Agency.

"I don't mind you taking pictures, it's the angle," the legging-clad reality star complains to the TMZ cameraman behind her. "What you are trying to shoot is so disrespectful!” Really? This from the same girl who's behind was graphically introduced to the masses via a sex-tape? Who only a few weeks ago chose to televise her derrière being x-rayed to prove its legitimacy and can be seen greased up (from that very angle) crawling on all fours in a recently released - I mean "leaked" - music video. So, pray tell, how can a Paparazzi trying to focus on the very thing her entire career has been based upon, suddenly be considered disrespectful? Therein lies the odd dichotomy that is Kim Kardashian. A young woman who has turned her backside into a million dollar industry, but doesn't want you to publicly focus on that fact.

Kim's by no means the first celeb to capture our attention with a gravity defying posterior. There was J-lo, Serena (the biggest and by far the best!), Rihanna, Niki Minaj and of course, the bootylicious Beyonce. These ladies also have other discernible qualities (musical talents and athletic prowess) that go far beyond their extraordinary gifted assets. However, we are living in the reality decade, where it's not uncommon to become famous from a sex tape, a scandal or for simply being you. I guess my question is: how did Kim become the first curvaceous icon accepted by the mainstream media and still the only one that's managed to literally turn her booty into a brand? If it's just about the aesthetics, what of the Melyssa Ford's of the world? Why not them? Well, the answer, albeit simple, might not be quite what you think. The immediate reaction might be to wonder if racial bias comes into play, or maybe fear of what other "Video Vixens" and "Urban Glamor Models" represent - a black man's sexual preference. But if you look closer, that can't possibly be the case. Firstly, Kim's shape is considered by both black men (and women) as an ideal. She also married two African Americans (um yeah, both times), and let's not forget her partner in crime from the first sex tape (Ray J). Furthermore, randomly ask the Betty White-alike at your local Starbucks who CoCo Austin is and she would think you were offering her a nice, hot beverage. Ask about Kim K and she probably watched the nuptials on E!


Make no mistake, Buffie, CoCo and Melyssa Ford aren't hurting financially by any means, but they haven't turned Kim's kind of profits either. Buffie's "bootynomics" has a following for those in pursuit of the perfect proportions and Mrs. Ice T continues to entertain on reality TV. Melyssa had some cross-over appeal in the early 2000s, with lad mags and hit shows like "Entourage.” Considered universally "sexy," she sadly could only target a limited audience, predominantly the male demographic, who historically don't buy women's perfume, lip-gloss, clothes or sneakers. Given this, should brands have taken the risk then and offered her the opportunity to advertise with them? They did not.

Similarly (and more recently) Amber Rose, a physical type unseen in most fashion editorials (even though she looks absolutely stunning in spreads for Tandem, Vibe and Elle), has been unable to replicate Kim K’s success. Amber sports designers like Armani and Karl Lagerfeld at fashion week. Yet for all the fashion world's admiration, no label has made her "the face" of their latest purse or fragrance campaign. And unfortunately, lying on Kanye's lap for his exclusive line of Louis Vuitton sneakers doesn't count.

It's estimated through her endorsements, appearances and TV show, Kim K has an estimated net worth of $35 million. According to The Hollywood Reporter, "Season 5 of E!s Keeping Up With the Kardashians averaged 3.5 million viewers a week." Kim's “Fairytale Wedding: A Kardashian Event” reaching rating's gold at an estimated 5 million viewers, with advertisers clambering for air time as if it were the Superbowl. Did the entire world conveniently forget how she shot to stardom (sex tape), or is Kris Jenner such a marketing maven that nobody cares? Well, not exactly. TMZ reported that's traffic skyrocketed that weekend, but thanks to Kris and the rest of the clan America no longer seems to care about Kim’s scandalous past. Although the main focus of "Keeping Up With the Kardashians," it's no longer just about Kim. Kris Jenner cleverly took her daughter's 15 minutes and turned the Kardashian name into a brand, quickly introducing us all to a supportive, united front that had Kim's back no matter what. A self-deprecating and endearing Hollywood family, that stuck up for their own. Whereas previous video vixens were associated "only" with sex (Karrine Steffans anyone?), when you think of Kim K you can't help but immediately to think about the Kardashian family.

Back in 2007, when socialites and wealthy children were either performing idiotic tasks on "The Simple Life" or boring us to tears on "The Hills,” The Kardashians offered something different - they were incredibly wholesome and likable. They represented the quirkiness and lack of filter of “The Osbournes” without all the swearing and rehab. They were… charming. Instead of boasting about the sex tape or having a nonchalant attitude like Paris, we watched Kim and her family try to move on or prevent its use. We all watched Kim break down in tears at the mere mention of that infamous tape and how she cried that she "wished everyone would just forget about it and leave it in the past." And how better to achieve that than by airing that very subject matter on episodic reality TV? It sounds contradictory and ridiculous, but it worked! I for one immediately took her side and found myself actually giving a damn.

Kim Kardashian may have dangerous curves, but you can argue that she's also absolutely adorable too, in a way that many others of a similar type haven't quite perfected. Kim has somehow managed to be both incredibly sexy and safe. In advertising that's like discovering The Holy Grail. For all her sexploits, marriages, and nakedness, she seems non threatening and sweet. Genuine or not, when was the last time a celebrity Video Vixen was described as "sweet"? If you are going to sell the world on your body and looks alone, I suggest you look to the original curvy icons of yesteryear to see how to do it right. After all, Marilyn Monroe and Cindy Crawford weren’t "just" sex symbols – they were America's sweethearts too. Never underestimate the value of being likable.

Looking back, can you imagine how popular Melyssa Ford may have become if she had a quirky and slightly interfering family? If we learned that she actually had a degree in psychology and was an avid animal rights supporter? If she had a quick-witted sister that openly mocked her hyper-sexual poses and expressions on the sidelines of a photo shoot? It would have made her more of an everywoman. She could have been bigger than Tyra - and I don't just mean in her measurements.

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New, Slimmer Carol Seleme Daniel

Carol Seleme Daniel shows off her more svelte figure in these new photos. While I am definitely a fan of the thicker Carol, there's no denying she looks damn good here. So here's a question for my bloggers - which do you prefer, thin or thicker Carol? And if the latter, how do you think her being more voluptuous would impact her ability to get quality, commercial gigs? Reach Carol on Twitter here.


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New Andrea Bordeaux Headshots - Straight Hair

I caught these new headshots of the gorgeous Andrea Bordeaux on Facebook and had to post them. As I suspected, she looks good with straight or curly hair. (Click for larger version)


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Good Bully!

Credits: Styling - Daisy De Jesus | Make Up - Tai Young | Hair - JoshJarie Nelson | Photography - Indosplace


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Maliah as Foxy Brown

I like these pics of Maliah a lot. The thighs look heavenly. As an aside, it is interesting that she is sleeping in most these photos. Y'alll do know there are fetish sites devoted solely to photos of women sleeping... just like these. consider Anyway, images compliments of Rita G Photography.


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Yoncee in Motion

For some models, video can make a world of difference. Yoncee made a great impression with her photos, but the question is does she hold up in video? The answer is an emphatic "yes!" See Youtube video below to either start or end your Thursday on a high note. Attribution: Smooth Magazine.


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Christina Santini - Good Bully - Sultry Ennui

Another shot of Christina for the Good Bully website, which is coming up soon. This will be a background image with text placed over it, as shown below...


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Alysha Young - Just Dance 3

Alysha has been on tour with Ubisoft promoting the upcoming Just Dance 3 on the XBOX. They've been flying her places like San Diego for Comic Con and Florida to be on Good Morning America. Right now she's in the Dominican Republic catching rays and getting some much needed R&R. All in all, not a bad summer, huh? We're suppose to have a shoot coming up soon, so I'm looking forward to that. I always liked this shot (look at those eyes!)


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Christiane Kroll - "The Coca Cola Kid"

The blog title is in reference to one of Eric Roberts first films, when people thought he was going to a marquee actor, and long before his sister Julia hit the scene. But it's also in reference to an ad campain Christiane was part of for Coca Cola. Pretty nice. Anyway, the story behind this is that I used this photo to illustrate a point for a new shoot, and I realized what great shot it is. Reach Christi on Facebook here.


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