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BlackJackSkanz Top Vixen Results

This is the result of over 9,000 votes on BlackJackSkanz - one of the best known websites for urban models out there.

A couple interesting notes: 1) Seems like Suelyn should be higher - she had a great '09, 2) Seems like Cubana and Vanessa should be lower; a testament to the power of a large Twitter following, and 3) Suleika's position seems well deserved.

Bria finished Second Place in Cutie Central's Top Vixen Poll for '09 (number one for Model in Highest Demand) so it looks like she is quite possibly the number one urban model right now. biggrin

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Suleika - Winner of the SHOW Poll

If looks like Suleika beat Marisa Elise out by more than 20 points in the poll, despite my extra Marisa post. Thanks to everyone for voting.

You can reach Suleika here: and

If you wanna see even more of Suleika, check out Wasabi's gallery of her candid pics here.


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Test Your Taste in Hotties

SHOW #15 is chocked full of beautiful women. Let's see if we can come to a consensus on which one is the dopest, and then I'll do a separate post on that model. Cast your vote below.

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