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Ana Kasparian

Ana Kasparian - Smart and Sexy

Ana Kasparian
I am always impressed with women who manage to utilize their sexiness in a subtle way, while primarily coming into notoriety for their smarts. Erin Burnett, Aubrey Plaza, Olivia Munn, and most recently Ana Kasparian (Cancers, all of them, by the way) all stand out in this regard.

Ana Kasparian is charismatic, articulate, and intelligent but there is undeniably a sexual appeal going on with her. Host of Young Turks and The Point, she uses this to her benefit, but never allows it to eclipse her smarts, which is a serious tightrope act to walk in the sexually repressed and hypocritical US. Specifically, Ana never takes herself or the idea that men may like her primarily for her looks too seriously and even pokes fun at it. (See this clip where she admits she may make viewers “fap”)

In the end, Ana will have the last laugh. A lot of aspiring actresses could learn from her formula.

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