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Ashlee Ray

Monthly Magazine Review

In light of Black Jack Skanz inexplicable disappearance, I'll pick up the slack some with magazine offerings. But be warned: I'm more grumpy than BJS about what I scan. As I used to the tell Black Jack, anytime you scan a model's photos and put them on the web, you're actually doing them a huge favor. With the gradual demise of print media, getting a feature in an urban magazine is not what it once was. It's almost like that saying about a tree falling in a remote forest somewhere... In other words, if it doesn't exist on the net it's like it never happened. Interestingly though, most of these models will not even so much as thank you or follow you on Twitter for making the effort. BJS didn't care about that - he was more of a gentleman than I am, lol. With that said, I will only be scanning models that: (1) are so hot they need to be seen at any cost, courtesy to me notwithstanding, and 2) hold up to the ridiculous retouched version of them presented in the magazine in their candids (bye bye BlackMen mag). Call me petty, but until BJS returns, that's how it's gonna be, lol. (All pics enlargeable by clicking. The best bet is to open each image in a new window)

SMOOTH MAG - YONCEE (add'l scans added 6/14/11)






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