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Dollicia Bryan

KING - Summer Swimsuit Special

These are some of the images that stood out to me from the new issue of KING, which I picked up today. Don't get me wrong, this is not a bad issue by any means, but I still think these editors need to take a little more initiative to start choosing marquee models for these magazines instead of "who's hot now" chicks (excepting Dollicia in this issue). The urban eye candy genre needs a new top model to attract advertising dollars and new talent to the game. It needs a new Melyssa Ford prototype - a Jayne Kennedy for today.

That's why I was interested in rebuilding Sabrina Hunter's image. She has the smarts and maturity to take the lead and handle the type of opportunities that came Melyssa's way. These club chicks with their tramp-stamps and booty shaking cam phone videos cannot handle a Sprint commercial. They're not flaship material and most importantly, they don't make other quality girls aspire to be in the industry. Just food for thought. (Click to enlarge - the last mode is Skye Marshall)


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Dollicia Bryan on The Cover of the New KING

Here's a model I can support being on the cover of a magazine. Well done. Reach Dollicia on Twitter here Social - Twitter_16x16


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Dollicia Bryan - Military Doll

Not sure what to make of this pic, but I like Dollica. Be interested to hear other's input.
Here's one unretouched early pic of Dollicia too, which shows she's pretty impressive without Photoshop.


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Dollicia Byran - KING Magazine

This "Backshot" feature of Dollicia is from the November '07 issue of KING magazine (which is rumored to be making a comeback this month). Scan compliments of me. (Click to enlarge)

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Some Hi Quality Dollicia

Click to enlarge.

Dollicia’s Twitter and Myspace.


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Dollicia Bryan's Clip From "See Dick Run"

As you may or may not know, Dollicia was in a flick called See Dick Run starring Kel Mitchell of Kenan and Kel fame. Well, for those of you who don't want to try find this movie, here is her clip. Be warned, there’s some sex in it, although I doubt that will bother most of you. Winking I thought she was okay - I could see an early Stacey Dash. The camera definitely likes her.

Click link to see video (you’ll need Quicktime):



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