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Ms. Ice

Ms. Ice aka Tina B - Inergee Studios

This is video of Tina B. at a photo shoot with Inergee Studios. I think Tina is an important model to showcase because she's a natural. No tatts, no implants, no excessive piercings or Photoshop - just 100% pure brick house. You don't see that much anymore and the line has increasingly blurred between the real and the fake. I featured her on my blog a year ago before she got popular and I'm glad I did. Winking

The video was shot by the homie Affinity Ratios, who is quite the photographer in his own right. Nice work.

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Tina Blackwell aka Ms. Ice

So here we have Ms. Ice making her second appearance here on Indosplace. I have to thank photographer Affinity Ratios (who posts here) for sharing these exclusives of Ms. Ice, some of which appear in the latest issue of ASIS Magazine. Affinity is coming along very nicely as a photographer - I see him as a force to be reckoned with and someone models would do well to work with. In addition to the photos here, see this as example of what I mean. As for Ms. Ice, well, I'm just glad I was one of the first people to give her some shine. Winking She's definitely on her way.

Ms Ice Mag subs-397
Ms Ice Mag subs-421Ms Ice Mag subs-437
Ms Ice Mag subs-433Ms Ice Mag subs-407
Ms Ice Mag subs-439

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An Interview With Tina B (aka Ms. Ice)

Ms. Ice is what I'd call a classic beauty in the sense that the guys in the barbershop would have gone nuts over her 20 years ago, and they still do today. The freckles, the undeniably sexy hourglass figure (showcasing a powerful lower half), the genuine smile - that's just good genetics! However, I wonder if an OG beauty like Ms. Ice can stand apart in today's highly exploitative urban market, by which standards her photos are relatively modest. I recently reached out to Tina to find out her thoughts on urban modeling and where she'd like to take this.... (Click pics to enlarge)

• Given the current state of affairs in the urban market, and the fact that you are intent on doing things with class, what's your plan for world domination?

My plan is to hold my ground and not fall under pressure in trying to please everyone. When I first started I was determind to not shoot "eye candy", I did not want to be labled as a "booty model" but when I came across other models like Ms. Koi I saw how beautiful her images were and how she was able to keep it clean and sexy, I decided to give it a try. But of course, I have shot from some angles that I wish I could take back.

• What are limits in terms of what you will and won't do at your photo shoots to be perceived as sexy?

There are shots out there that I wish I could take back, for example the full back shot (no face included). I will not shoot a pic of me making out/ licking on an object smh. Those images, to me, scream out PORN. I will not shoot any "girls gone wild" images meaning they are kissing and touching each others "temple" again, to me, that screams PORN! I will not be on youtube popping my assets, I will not shoot nudes. I will try to keep it creative, by bringing themed ideas for my shoots. I will try and leave something to the imagination. I will shoot only implied nudes.

• What have your experiences been like so far in urban modeling so far?

In modeling it has been hard for me because every photographer I would schedule a shoot with would cancel on me once I told them I'm not doing "eye candy" and they would tell me that I would not make it in modeling because urban modeling is the only thing out there for black women with curves. So after hearing that a number of times I decided to research more on the whole "urban eye candy" thing and it was not until I came across Bria, Laura Dore, and Ms. Koi (to name a few) that the word eye candy wasn't so bad. Now the only problem I have is dirty old men trying to get me to shoot nude smh.

• If you could name one model that has inspired you to get in the game, who would it be and why?

I cant name just ONE! Tyra and Kimora inspired me to do modeling, because they are sexy and sucessful black (or half) women. Ms. Koi, Bria, Melyssa Ford inspired me to give urban modeling a try.

• How long do you intend to be in the game and what are is your ultimate objective?

I really don't know how long I plan to be in modeling. My life is not built around being in the spot light, meaning you will not see me degrade myself just to stay in the game. I have too many things to fall back on. My ultimate objective is to finish school (May 2010 !!!). My ultimate objective in modeling is to become a commercial model.

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Photos Without Names - Models, Just Say NO!

I can't tell you how many times I see this sort of thing. A photographer shoots a dope model but decides he wants to either: 1) keep her all to himself for future shoots, or 2) put his photo branding ahead of her name recognition. Models, you will never get anywhere from this arrangement. There are countless anonymous models floating around the net like this -- girls who could've been recruited for bigger and better things like music videos or magazines and made money, had they been more in control of their images.

This should have been part of the "Getting Quality Photos" post in the Model Advice section, so I'll add it there. By the way, nothing against this particular photographer. I actually think this is a pretty good photo. You can check out his work here.


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