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The Double Double Standard With Curvy Women


I was looking at this Facebook post today of newcomer
Sareenah Davis at Natural Model Management, and I noticed some commenters seemed offended that she might not be wearing a bottoms. “She is…beautiful, but the bare hiney is bit much for the public” wrote one Facebooker. “[S]he is a VERY bad girl!” wrote another. This isn’t strong reproach obviously, but it reminded me of the double standard you often see with curvier women when

it comes to sexy themes. Keep in mind, this exact same pose was used for Jennifer Aniston on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine. While it caused some stir at the time, it was mainly because it was one of the few times we’ve seen a completely naked celebrity on a mainstream magazine cover, not because it was provocatively sexual.

In American mainstream, voluptuous women are portrayed as either overly sexual or not sexual at all (as in zero exposure in a sexual manner in mainstream media). It’s a rock and a hard place. Even if tastefully photographed, a curvy woman showing the same amount of skin as a skinny one is considered inappropriate, erotic or obscene. We saw this with the
Lane Bryant commercial controversy with Ashley Graham. Or in a smaller way, with the Sareenah photo which is virtually the same as Jen Aniston’s cover printed for a couple million Americans for Rolling Stone magazine.

The media tells us that “curvy” is undesirable - young women should want to be thin. So which is it? Are curvy women too desirable or not desirable enough? Or maybe - just maybe - the mainstream media is wrong and curvy women are just plain hot.

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