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Hope Yoders Self Portraits - Me In My Place

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This model, Hope Yoders, a 21-year-old photography student from Florida, caught my eye on Me In My Place. She reminds me a little of Mal Malloy, and when I read up on her, the similarities were even more apparent. From her self description:

I am short that’s all there is to it. I’m barely 5’2” and come from a family of hourglass shaped women with a tendency to put on weight on our bottoms and tummies. I’ve struggled with my own perceptions of my weight as well as outside pressure from society and within my own family.

Mal is around the same height and also comes from a family of pear-shaped women, on her mom’s side. Anyone remember her story of the seven year olds making fun of her butt from the David Boring review?

Anyway, I really like Hope - support her Kickstarter campaign here.


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Olivia Jensen Hair Tutorial

Olivia is considering her own beauty tips blog and we thought that even though this plays to a slightly different audience than the typical Indosplace crowd, some of you guys might still be a little interested in what's going on here too. Winking

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