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Leila Lopes - Miss Universe 2011 - Is The Controversy Surrounding Her Win Just Sour Grapes

Since Leila Lopes, a 25 year old woman from Angola, was named Miss Universe on September 14, 2011, she has received some negative comments from fellow contestant, Laury Thilleman (Miss France). "We were all surprised by her win." I'm sure Ms. Thilleman can speak for each of her fellow contestants on this issue. *sigh* Ms. Thilleman also made a cryptic comment about Lopes personality: "I don’t know, something is missing in her temperament" What the heck? Who is Thilleman, Dr. Phil now?

Keep in mind, Lopes is only the second Black woman to win the crown since the pageant started in 1952. Allegations have also surface that false documents may have been used to help newly crowned Miss Universe Leila Lopes enter qualifying pageant, Miss Angola UK, but this also sounds like it might be nothing more than sour grapes...

Be interested to hear your thoughts Indochine Bloggers....

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